Unicycling bad for testicles?

I unicycle almost every day, and sometimes after a little bit of riding it starts to hurt my balls. I use a Nimbus gel saddle. Is unicycling known to be bad for your testicles?

Good question!!
It sometimes hurts my balls too, but today i went and bought myself some cheap, padded cycle shorts from aldi (£7) to wear under my jeans and i’ve just got back from a 9 mile journey on my 20" and not feeling any pain or soreness whatsoever :slight_smile:
They seem to hold everything out of the way a bit so give them a go :wink:

I’ve never met a unicyclist who really had any balls.

you have not met me yet :slight_smile:

This guy got some major balls!!

[Trial/Muni] Extreme Unicycling 2010 Lutz Eichholz :astonished:

What are you talking about. Unicyclists are known to have balls of steel.

I had mine surgically modified so that they could be easily removed before riding. It gives a whole new meaning to losing you marbles :smiley:

If your balls are hurting then you’re sitting on the saddle wrong. Balls in front! and there should not be problems from normal riding.

I rode a nimbus gel saddle last year and found it to be less than ideal. The newer KH saddles are MUCH nicer. on the rare “land on em” moments, the extra padding is nice. :slight_smile:

+1, too much curve.

If you have a KH saddle you can trim the foam for a better fit. Also look at your saddle angle, might be able to adjust the front up and get some relief, seat height may be too high…

Oh, and what short you wear, that can affect wear the “marbles” lay :slight_smile:

compresion shorts for trials under my shorts or padded cycling shorts for every other style of riding

it solves most problems… please check with a doctor before use.


I like duct tape, but if I don’t do my manscaping on a regular basis, well, lets just so it bring tears to my eyes when I have to unmask :astonished:

I have both the Nimbus Gel and the KH seats. I have to say the KH seat is sooo much more comfortable for the “boyz”.

I also wear Bike shorts with the chamois, and it makes a huge difference

I ain’t my pills as much as my taint. Goes a bit numb on long rides.

Urgh, I hate these threads. But I guess these questions HAVE to be asked. I just wish people could figure it out themselves. Sit your ass on your seat, not your balls… and If that doesn’t fix your problem…
Lower your dam seat! And for all you guys that are hurting yourself, STOP IT! Makes unicycling look so …stupid hah. Lower your seat and bum on the seat, not balls on the seat. Thumbs up.

As someone who has started on the uni after a lot of time on the bicycle (training and racing), I would like to strongly recommend people try a quality padded cycling bib-short (ie, with built-in suspender straps over the shoulders).

I wear them (chamois against the skin) under my baggy outer shorts, and the suspender straps keep the shorts from riding down over time as you pedal, and all your man-junk will stay upward and well supported without moving around from where it belongs at all. They are standard issue for road cyclists who spend a lot of time on the bike, and really helped me with chafing problems for those 100km+ days, and from reading threads like this, I think the benefits have really carried through to my Uni. The only caveat is that they are expensive (usually $150-$200 for a good pair).

I’m pretty sure it’s not known for being good for them. :slight_smile:

That said, there’s no substitute for a good pair of cycling shorts, worn properly. Having done 46 miles yesterday, my longest ride in a very long time, I am reminded how much I like my Pearl Izumis. Is my crotch sore? Yes, but not very much! I should get a new pair.

not any more sore than you would be biking :slight_smile:

My Doctor is trying to convince my a recent bout of prostatitis is attributable to my recent increase in hours spent on a unicycle.

I am reluctant to agree, but I will redouble my efforts to attach a T-Bar.