Unicycle Suspension

Hey guys,

Before you tell me it isn’t worth it, please know that I had a cheapo suspension seat post on my 20" that I used to thrash offroad.

The suspension seat post took a little getting used to, but in the end it saved my ass multiple times.
However, it was cheap quality and had quickly developed some slop, allowing the saddle to sway back and forth slightly.

I was just wondering if anyone knew of a higher quality suspension seat post?

as far as i know there are two types:

Those that travel only in vertical motion


Those that travel along a radius

I was liking the “thudbuster” one but wouldn’t want to fork out 140 bucks for it unless I knew it would work on a Uni…

looks like this:

Any info is appreciated.


I don’t think it’s worth it. The suspension can be taken care of by the tire alone, that way your feet can be saved too.

Muni Suspension

Personally I do think it is worth it!

udc use to have a section on them there was like 3 or 4 options
i think kris use to use one maybe ??

lobbybopster… PLEASE share the info if those are your contraptions.

If so I’m sure you’ve tried seat post suspension as well as those custom frame set ups.

I rode for a long time with a Thudbuster uni-pivot (precursor to the current linkage seatposts). It worked. But I didn’t notice much difference when I upgraded to a muni with no suspension but a (much) fatter tire. I haven’t missed it. Most of the time, you stand up when you’re going through the roughest areas anyway, so the suspension doesn’t even get used.

Suspension seatposts aren’t designed with the twisting forces of muni in mind so are likely to quickly develop play or possibly even fail because of this. I do Polaris (12 hours mtb over 2 days) on a bike and suspension is as much about saving energy (ie. staying seated) as bike control. I want to enter one next year on a uni to see how many two-wheeled seniors I could beat as a single-wheeled veteran.

The lobbybopster solution is a very elegant one. To be honest I can’t believe the sight of these on here didn’t caused more of a stir. A uni with a suspended seat AND a disk brake! C’mon, that is awesome!

As for a ‘how to’, it appears to be parts of an old GT LTS rear triangle but there is a lot of other work gone into it, so not something you could tackle as a DIY project, unless you are good at welding…

Big Seatpost

Hi All,
Yep its part from a GT LTS 2,(It couldn’t handle me, nor its replacement) and alot of custom machine work and welding. If you look back up at the left 20" muni I removed the shock so you see the extent of the travel. There actually is about 3/8" of clearance above the tire. Also the seatpost is directly in line with the axle. And on the right 24" muni the shock is at its extended position and is also in line with the seatpost. This gives about 4 1/4"
of travel. One inch of this is a preload when you first mount.
As for a thudbuster seat post, I’ve never used one.
and you should see the next one

I have never welded anything. Have you got any tips on how to go about learning? Or is it something of the black art and equipment money-pit I imagine it to be? I don’t expect to be able to rustle something up like you have here, but it would be nice to be able to at least recycle stuff, or make art out of it.

Just stumbled upon this al-cheapo-no-name-suspension-unicycle on ebay

Yeah, I couldn’t figure out the one on the left

So it is collapsed because it doesn’t have the rubber block tensioning it like the bigger wheel on the right ?

Anyway, completely aside from the debate about the need for suspension on unis, lobbybopster has shown 2 unis of beautiful craftsmanship. I am really impressed, thanks for sharing!:slight_smile:


These uni’s are sick! Terminator style combat munis… You should consider mounting some sort of plasma gun under the saddle:)

Not quite the linkage puts that part under compression and i think he prolly uses a gas shock rather than rubber block

Looks to me like he is using a rear bike shock which is moved from one uni to the other.

Those things are pricey, why buy two when you can only use one at a time.


Very nice looking. Did you do all of the work yourself? I’m very intrigued now and might have to make myself a MUni…

Other cool (silly) idea: Powerizer unicycle hybrid aka the ultimate jumping machine.

All the work myself

Hey Spoon,
Mostly cut up an old GT mountain bike and used the parts I needed. The 20" to test it out, and the 24" Muni after I realized how much better offroad riding could be. I did have to make the disc brake hub, it’s a square taper and I’m making a ISIS hub to replace it with. Do make one !


I had to resurrect this old thread to tell Lobbybopster his uni’s are amongst the coolest I have ever seen. I’m very impressed with your ingenuity and craftmanship. Bravo!

suspension on the actual wheel itself would be the best

little suspension pedal idea i had

This is my first post, had to give credit to lobbybopster for a very stylish uni. Also, it’s good to see other unicyclists over 40 still tearing it up.
I used to do a lot of welding, think I’m going to be on the lookout for parts to build one myself.
Again, amazing job!