Unicycle Saddle Bags?

There are quite a few stamped stainless add-on hoops available for bikes so based on that I made a simple symmetrical one for a unicycle base.

I’ve not got a saddle bag yet, or a saddle with hoops to base the dimensions of this on so it’s a bit of a guess right now, but I do have a saddle and a bumper.

Inspired by saddle bags - #18 by JimT


Good idea. I guess us unicyclists gotta make most of our motifications outselfs.
On my 36" I do want the Cary Gray touring handles. Or maybe I will get another 36" for that, because I quite like my current setup. :laughing:

Individuals trying out weird and wonderful things is always going to be one of the fastest ways to advance unicycle hardware.

Unicycle manufacturers don’t have R&D departments and don’t really have the resources to dedicate to passion projects of ideas in the same way that individuals can. Or at least not normally. In these weird pandemic times with everything out of stock, perhaps they’ve all been working on fabulous things that we’ll see appear over the next year or two.

This is a reason why I’m keen to try and release everything I come up with as Open Source and with as many details as possible to speed up development for anyone else who might wish to try something.

If anyone wants to collaborate on saddle bag loops, let me know. I’ve no personal need for such a thing right now but I’m happy to modify as required for manufacture if someone wants to get some made.


Nice one Robin, how about adding some radius where the loop meets to the tag to reduce the stress raiser.


So completely out of the blue, some saddle bag hoops crossed my path.
Now dimensionally similar to real life hoops.

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And just for fun, a 3D printable version which I’ll try tomorrow.

Layer adhesion clearly will be the biggest issue here, but I’ll print it at 100% infill and see how we go.

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Stuck a bit more fillet on it, and printed them this morning.

Now I don’t actually have a saddle bag to use this with, but they seem strong enough that they’d hold small bags even off-road without issue. They were printed on their back so the layer strength should be less of an issue.

The STL file is here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4932194


Mowcius, I am even more amazed as I read more of your posts! Thank you for the work that you do, and freely share!

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Right, so after some discussion with others, I decided to make some more designed for bags that are intended to be strapped to saddle rails.

They’re about 2g heavier per pair (9g/pair…) but rather stronger, now require no supports to print, and have a smaller base to also fit on more bumpers (the KH Fusion Zero has a small rib in the way of fitting the original ones).

Sending these ones to @Piece_Maker for testing, and I’m probably going to get myself a bag now and print some more for myself.



My saddle bag arrived, so I quickly printed some more.

Unless I smack them on a rock (and they’re pretty out of the way), I think they’ll probably outlast the bag.


Unless you use an airbag.:grinning:

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It’d be nice to have a bag that’s designed to mount like this, but which is more vertical than horizontal, in order to reduce the risk of it colliding with the ground.
Altura do a small one, but it’s pretty darn small in volume and only 1.5cm shorter so would likely still hit the ground.

A bit more like the bag that Railigion sell I suppose, but maybe made of a waterproof fabric for MUni and commuting rides.
I wonder what the smallest frame+post size that this fits on is before it collides with the tyre.

Oooh, actually - a top tube/small frame bag might actually work.

I have one on my 36er under my handlebar… Lemme go and test.

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Spin loops around 180 so they’re closer together:

Attach top tube or (as in my case) small frame bag:

Did I… actually make something useful?


Perfect. I’d be interested in buying them if you are happy to make and ship to Australia

Your mounts look great!
Is there enough space for a 10mm socket (approximately 14mm outer diameter) to tighten the nuts for the bumper on saddles with the bolts protruding from the seat base?

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So I’d really rather not at the moment, and I suspect that it wouldn’t be worth your while for the cost of postage.

I’d recommend trying to find someone local (or at least in the same country) who can 3D print you a pair (CAD file here). They’re only ~9g and on even a basic printer should take around an hour (which is pretty short when you’re talking about 3D printing).

Ho ho ho.
I knew there would be a gotcha.

I own well over a dozen unicycles with this kind of fixing and still I forgot they existed as the original bumper I measured is just a bumper, and the two unicycles I have in easy reach are both new style KH bases.

The original version does have enough space for nuts and a socket (and even a ring spanner), but does not fit on the new KH base bumpers (due to some reinforcement ridges getting in the way).

I have an idea of how to ensure it fits on both bases, with both fixing types, but it’s going to require another redesign :smiley:

I’ve got a roll of eSun’s Super Tough PLA (in black) on order now so maybe when that arrives I’ll try again.
For reference, the current ones are printed in eSun PLA+ at 100% infill and 0.16mm layers which seems just fine, but they’ll be even stronger with this new stuff, and be black so blend in a bit better!

Very cool. I’ve been struggling to fit a decent bag to my 36er, so I’ve just sent the CAD to a local printer. I’ll share a pic when I get them back
:sunglasses: :grinning:

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Great, do update with how it goes!

Do you know what bag you’re going to use?

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I’ll post some pics once I’ve got the printing done which should be Friday morning.
I’m planning on using a Topeak saddle bag that I’ve had for a few years.
The best bit is that the printing cost R174 which is just under 12US$ :sunglasses: