Show Off Your 3d Printed Unicycle Stuff!

I wonder whether designing with the intention of fibre-wrapping (either carbon fibre or fibreglass) is the way to go.

Making moulds for fibreglass is pretty tricky, but wrapping a one-off lightweight plastic low-infill shell is pretty easy.

Sadly with FDM 3D printing like this the layers are always going to be an issue and you can’t reinforce with fibre in the model (no matter what the fibre laced filament companies want you to believe - the fibres are a few orders of magnitude too small). Some people seem to have had success annealing 3D prints though so maybe that could add a little strength and remove some of the layer issues.

Currently printing an updated version with PETG…but I’ll move to ABS/ASA after that.

Here’s a blog post on some of my ideas:


And a preview of the work in progress CAD files. Index of /3d_printing/unicycle_duality_handle (Fusion 360)

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Cool design! I just saw it on MMF.

I am a noob in 3D printing and mechanical engineering but with this long empty section concentrating stress, couldn’t some internal support structure (honeycombs, zigzag lines…) improve the strength with the same material ?

Corbin mentioned on his website that he went to 0% infill to save on plastic for testing, but by default you’d print with an infill, from which you can select a variety of styles to suit the part that you’re making.

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Yup! The PETG version finished and now I’m on to strength issues…new blog post coming soon.

Okay! part 2…strength. This isn’t going to be easy to do.

Too bad you can not print HDPE as the store bought handles are made of. It is hard to beat HDPE tor strength and resistant to impacts. I’ve made a few crude handles by reforming HDPE pipe. I’ve never broke one.


By HDPE piping, are you meaning PEX?

No, the HDPE pipe I have used is black water pipe and larger 2" diameter fiber optics conduit.
Here is a section I used as a bumper and tool container:

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Saddle bag hoops for y’all:


Brake lever mount:

Presuming that’s your design, how’s it been holding up?

Even the cheaper metal ones with the two bolt mount seem to have a lovely habit of flexing (on the mount), which I’d instinctively have thought would be likely to snap the layers where the bolts go through there.

I actually ended up never using that one. After first versions I made without the steel bolt snapped, I just used the metal mount from one of the other unicycles that I rarely used. I made this version before I sold that unicycle, to be able to sell it sort of as a “complete unicycle”. At that point I had also changed the saddle on that unicycle to one of the cheap qu-ax saddles with slightly different bolt layout and that why I never used it.
I did print a new one with different bolt spacing to fit the qu-ax saddle and as expected it was a bit flex in it.

I don’t know long it lasted since I sold the unicycle. (I did inform the buyer that the 3d-printed mount probably would break at some point and I recommend him to upgrade with a new saddle and brake mount.)

Don’t know why I didn’t design it with four mounting bolts in the first place, I was probably just lazy :laughing:


There’s now a v2 designed for rail mount saddle bags:

It’s not yet been tested carrying a bag, but from me scientifically trying with all of my might to snap it, so far I’ve failed so I’d guess it’ll be good for all small-medium rail mount saddle bags with velcro straps


I found a use for my 3d-printed brake mount yesterday, but not exactly in the way it was intended to be used.

The brake lever does not physically fit on the home made T-bar, and I was planning to mount my brake lever using an extra bar end. I didn’t have any laying around and used the 3d-printed brake mount as a (hopefully) temporary solution. It actually worked better than expected, not as much flex as I’d thought.


All bagged up

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I’ll be riding my 36er with saddle bag attached via these hooks in the morning, I’ll let you know my thoughts.