Unicycle Saddle Bags?

I like that hoop design! Personally, I’d probably make it from metal, since I don’t own a 3D printer (yet) and it looks easy enough to make with a drill, a vice and a file.
I’ve been toying with ideas on saddle bags for a while now, I think I want something a fair bit smaller to just hold a small first aid kit, 2 small allen keys and a few self adhesive patches. I’ll have to measure out the available space and look if I can find any bags in a suitable size.

Good idea!

So I do have a dxf for a flat metal version here that you could print out as a base design to work from.
Designed more for traditional bags than for mounting rail type bags from though.

Firstly, @mowicus, thanks for the CAD file for the saddle bag hooks, I really appreciate it!!!
The 3D printer guy charged me for two but ended up printing 9 because apparently it was better for him, which was a win win for me as I can put some on my other unis.
Having attached the hooks I then realized my Topeak bag wasn’t going to fit thanks to the large nylon clips it uses so after a quick trip to a local bike shop I cam home with a Lezyne saddle bag which fits perfectly.
I’m very happy!


The 3D printer guy charged me for two but ended up printing 9 because apparently it was better for him

I don’t understand this logic at all as with FDM the more you print, the longer it takes (unlike DLP/LCD resin printers which take the same amount of time for each layer however many parts there are), but it’s good news for you!

I was going to make comment about how your clipped saddle bag looked like it wouldn’t fit, but by that point you were already having some printed, and I wasn’t totally sure whether the straps could come out of the clips or not.

I’d love to do a design that works for those kind of clipped bags (especially as all of the larger ones seem to use that fixing method) but the hoops would have to be much larger and I don’t currently have one to measure and work from.

That Lezyne bag looks very smart - just big enough to carry the essential tools.

Thanks for sharing!

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It does look rather good and it fits my multi-tool, puncture kit, Co2 bomb etc very nicely, and for the first time I now have a saddle bag that is fully interchangeable between my bike and unicycles, so thanks again!

I’m also quite pleased the Topeak bag didn’t fit because it would have been an awkward setup and would have forced me to lose the lights from the stem, so it’s a winner all the way for me.

How do you guys deal with punctures? It’s all well and good to have a puncture kit in the bag, but without a pump it’s not gonna help much. I have thought about how to mount a pump to the uni in varies of ways.

I’ve been lucky thus far, but I carry a Co2 bomb & adapter for just such an emergency

I’m looking at those too(a 16g), but never tired it. Are they reliable?

I used to ride bicycles a lot (MTB & Road) and always used the bombs with no problems at all. You just have to remember not to hold the cartridge whilst it’s discharging :rofl: :joy:

they freeze?

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I always have a small pump and patches in my backpack, I’m not really keen on having disposable cartridges for air, seems like unnecessary waste for a few grams. On Muni tours that are further off from civilisation, I’d also recommend bringing a spare tube.
A small minipump barely weighs anything, plus they can be used to make small adjustments to tire pressure, which CO2 cartridges can’t do.

The trouble with a minipump is you always need a backpack to carry it - and if you do a tumble; well… it might not survive that. But I agree, CO2 cartridges are almost as common to see on the street as cigarette butts.

I’m thinking about 3D printing a holder to the frame of my 36". I ride 1-3 times a week, so I don’t fancy having to remember all sorts of gear every time.

My pump has survived a fair amount of falls, I’m not really worried about it.

On my roadbike I used a small holder that I found in a hardware store, it attaches to the downtube with an O-ring , I’m sure you can find/make something similar for a 36". I wouldn’t put something like it on a Muni (would probably rattle too much), but on a 36" it’s probably just fine.

Could you send me a picture? All I can find requires holes and I’m not gonna drill my frame.
I once broke a hard-plastic water bottle I had on my belt on my back.


If I were to design something like this myself, I’d design it for zipties around the frames and made it a bit longer with two O ring loops for the pump. Works absolutely fine the way it is, but feels a bit flimsy. I’ve seen velcro versions of this design somewhere too.

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My mini hand pump fit well in my under saddle bag.


The mini pump that I have fits both in my small frame bag (under my handlebar), as well as in my new rear saddle bag.

But as far as this goes:

I very luckily just don’t. I’ve not had a puncture yet in all of my years of unicycling so I tend to just risk it! :see_no_evil:

Now that I have a saddle bag that can fit on any unicycle though I will probably start carrying a small tool kit and pump.

Trying out the eSun PLA-ST. It’s nice stuff and noticeably tougher than PLA or even eSun’s PLA+, but far harder to photograph in black!

Soon I’ll have adapters on all of my saddles…

The toughness of this is making me want to make a whole custom bumper with it, but it’d require quite a bit of support material.