Unicycle Emoji Submission?

How many of you would be interested in helping out to submit a unicycle emoji to Unicode? Below are two forms referring to the submission process. I think it’s about time we tried, and hopefully, we can finally be able to use it if it’s accepted! :grin:



I looked up the emoji for bicycle, and there are examples with and without a rider. Do we want an emoji with or without a rider? And there is a rider, should they be wearing a clown suit?

I’d argue without. It’s cleaner, simpler and it removes any concern about how the rider might be dressed.

It should also be a standard unicycle, rather than a giraffe, because that would give a non-rider a clearer and more accurate impression of what a typical unicycle actually is.


Really, do you think that question is even necessary here? :stuck_out_tongue:

… a Giraffe would be a tiny “imposter” of a lowercase L or something. A good emoji has to have some width to go with its height.

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I think this is a good suggestion, and we might have a good chance of success. There are already emojis for rollerblades and skateboards, not to mention several for bikes, and unicycles aren’t really that more exotic.

I would be happy to contribute with the writing. I don’t have any experience in technical writing, but I am an academic, so I’m able to write reasonably accurately and consisely. I have zero artistic skills though, so someone else would have to do the artwork. The Unicyclist logo should be a good starting point.

If/once we get someone to do the artwork, we can open a Google Document to start brainstorming what to write in the submission form.

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My only suggestion is that it not be angled forward like the unicycle on this site which is in a position as though the rider had just done a UPD,

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Many, many years ago, someone created a load of unicycle icons for Windows and posted a link in rec.sport.unicycling. I downloaded them, edited them to change the colour from blue to red and have been using them ever since. (If anyone can be arsed to search for the original post, it would be nice to give credit).

Here’s a screenshot of my unicycle icons directory. They could be a good starting point:


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As a unicyclist, I can no longer be objective about the above icons. They look like unicycles to me. To a lay person, though? If a rider were included in the picture, that would remove some of the ambiguity, no? Or if the angle depicted were 45 degrees, the cranks and pedals would show more clearly (though the wheel would no longer be a circle).

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FWIW I’ve found the original post. Thanks for the icons @leo , it appears that I’ve been using them for 19 years now!


Sounds great!