Unicycle.com New Product Launch

I’m surprised the Ti trials isn’t lighter really. My 29er only weighs a bit over 800g more, and that’s with a normal seat base, normal KH hub and Magura brake. I reckon if I used a Ti hub, carbon seat base and cut the foam down (or even just used a street foam instead of the freeride) I could save another 400g+ (albeit at great expense!)… Are 19" trials tyres really heavy?

That freestyle uni looks nice - and I wouldn’t normally be a fan of gold, but it seems to suit it somehow with the white tyre and saddle.


So the whole axle is aluminium is it?


Trials tires are very heavy. TryAll just made a lighter one that saves around 190g i think:


Nice new stuff btw :slight_smile: I like the alu version of the Nimbus X frame… shame that they are 92mm spacing… no chance to upgrade my old Nimbus X with that frame i guess… (old square CrMo hub)

Sorry Marco, you will need buy both hub and frame…

Nimbus impulse looks good

I have the Nimbus 36 Night rider. With magura hydraulic rim brakes and T7 bar.

I love the look of the impulse but have some questions:

  1. Did the hub become narrower to accomadate disc or frame stretched wider ?
  2. How does the shadow handle hold up to UPD’s Seem’s a bit longer then T7.
  3. Only see impulse on unicycle.uk and none of other site is there a reason ?
  4. Can an existing Nimbus 36 Night rider be converted to an impulse setup ?


The hub is not wider than the Nimbus 36" Nightrider, the wheel is dished to allow for the hub fitting. This gives the same offset from the centre on the none disc side and about the same offset as a none wide hub on the disc side. The wheel seams very stable with this combination and through testing has shown great durability.

The Handle can take some hammering… I dropped the prototype at about 17mph on the Dosseldorf Marathon and there was no damage at all. That was even with unhardened ‘T’ sections. Should they break/bend they are easily replaced, the design is that they should be sacraficial in a really bad crash and protect the base part from damage.

Canada should have some of the Impulse unicycles, they just take time to get on the site with time differences etc.

It will be hard to upgrade a nightrider to disc as it does not have the bosses for mounting the calliper or the cable support (although that is less of a problem). The shadow is upgradable without a problem on any existing 36", you may need a different seatpost though for the KH as it is 27.2 or a shim.

Mmh :frowning: New hub means new wheelset… the old hub is 48 hole…
Dont want to spend that much money right now

As an aside, I like the new look and feel of the Unicycle.com website (US). (I know, I know it’s been around a little while now, but I’ve been on unicycle hiatus for a while and am now itching to get back into it.) Anyhow, one suggestion is to put back on there the “What’s New” tab that was on the old site. I loved to just go to the website just to see what new products were available, or what was back in stock that was out… Just an idea. Perhaps that’s covered in the blog?

Yes, the Eclipse and Impulse hub spindle are made from AL7075 Aluminium.

shadow handlebar

Elke and me saw the new shadow at the düsseldorf marathon and we were both enthused, so we ordered - the first? - for Elke:)
now we fever for a package:D


When will these product be available in the US?
I’d like to try the Shadow handlebar

What does ‘• special plastic + fibre material body’ mean in the description for the freestyle frame? I thought it was made from Aluminium?

That’s referring to the new pedals

Ah, just a mistake then. I got excited, thought it was a new type of composite frame :slight_smile:

Edd, Congratulations! You win a prize for spotting our secret mistake of the day…

We just wanted to test all you hardcore unicyclists to see if you actually do read all these descriptions that we spend so much time on! Clearly our efforts are not wasted


Is the frame going to be available in 500mm?


The frame already is available in 500mm

Selling my current freestyle unicycle, anyone wants it!? :smiley:


Pics and discription


I feel Like UDC USA is always giving us the short end of the stick.

The Nimbus Eclipse 400mm if $5 more then the others on USA. Not on UK. and the UK has a 500mm option…

I feel like I am having to pony up just because I am tall…

Also haven’t seen anything about this mysterious nimbus blizzard tire that udc has been dropping hits about here and there.

and the UDC USA web site says nothing about new products… so anyone who is new and cruising their site isn’t going to know what is new.

and the rest of us have to go check what is new on the UDC UK site and then come back and check on the USA site…

Goodness I say