Unicycle.com New Product Launch


We are having an official launch date for all the new Unicycle.com Products. This is something we always plan to do, but just fail to do so often. This time we have a lot of really special new products to release and we are really excited about them… So:

May 19th 2010

All will be revealed then.

Roger at Unicycle.com

Finally, turbo toast-racks will be available for all!

But we will have to wait to discover: will there be a ‘bagel button’ to only toast from one side?

A cheap lightweight and real wide trials rim?

Super light trials cranks?

Titanium seatposts…

Right after payday!!! Yay!!!

32 hole ISIS hubs? :slight_smile:

Disk Brakes on your line of ultimate wheels?

I guess I will have to wait to find out what is in store.


Can some of these products please get accidentally stolen and some blurry photos posted on the internet in the meantime?

How about an awesome new distance handle which is light-weight, highly adjustable (for nice long, low positions), super-stiff, unbreakably strong and not rely on the strength of the (way overbuilt) seat? Oh, and be easy to strap baggage to behind the seat for unsupported tours. That would be nice.


lol, that’s impossible.

Would that rear section be interchangable? So you can fit the optional jet pack in it?

I could really use a BBQ grill that clamps on to the seat post. With a quick release of course. Hopefully alloy, I don’t want to add a lot of weight. :sunglasses:

I don’t think this is entirely impossible.

Hopefully we will see something with at least a few of those characteristics!

I would buy any of those items, if not all of them. Ti seatpost would be a gift from God.

a roof rack adapter for an existing bike rack?

I’m guessing that the successor of the T7 will fulfill some of those.

Trailer hitch for unicycle

Ok, since somebody slipped me 50 cents I guess I can blab the secret.

The new release is a trailer hitch for a unicycle.

The idea came from people who are tired of doing long distance riding and carrying a backback. A common complaint of wearing a backback is; it off-sets the riders normal balance points.

A unique back pack style of harness is worn which connects the unicyclist to a unicycle trailer. The trailer has only one wheel (naturally).

Of course this new hook up helps the unicyclist deal with on looker comments like …
“Where’s your other wheel”.
“Did you forget the rest of your bike”

a shameless plug to get attention…but since nimbus has been producing some good low cost equipment i am not put out by it. Good fun to try to predict what will be coming out. My predictions are

  • a whole line of disc brake unis (except your trials/freestyle lot)
  • ‘t8’ touring handle (adjustability and no rails)
  • 32 hole hubs.
  • Alu frames.
  • new distance/muni seat to replace nimbus gel. (slimmer, less curve- like the impact naomi)

look forward to the release,

i hope its:

-slim, lightweight plastic pedals

-cheap alu (maybe a longneck :smiley: ) frames that have no nubs

-some really fat cranks for flat/freestyle (in 110mm, 125mm and 137mm maybe with a griptape option :stuck_out_tongue: )

-a wide 20" rim thats drilled

-new white tire for trials that comes in sizes to fit 20" and 19"

All you had to do was ask:


I think there is a good chance we will see the introduction of the KH 20" flatland uni.