unicycle advise

hi people.
im new to this site.
i was wondering if any one could advise if i should buy a nimbus trials?
are they good?

also if anyone has any trick tips i would be very happy if they would tell me.

i have been unicycling for about three months now.
i can hop down about six stairs one by one i want to know how to jump forward while im riding and also how to get more height.
i also want to learn to ride backwards.
any trick tips what so ever i would be very happy with. :smiley:


please respond!!

Youve been ridding for a while, so the Nimbus trials will be good for you because you are still on the basics. But because you have been riding for a while, your gonna progress fast and may exceed the limits of the nimbus trials.

From the sounds of it, you seem interested in trials or street. Jumping stairs and all that fun stuff. You may actually want to buy a Torder DX, or a Qu-Ax. They ahve splined hub/crankset, and will hold up better for when you start jumping farther and higher.

They come in 20 or 24" sizes (technically the 20" are 19" but save that for later lol) The 20" is good for jumping, street tricks, trials, and can handle some good muni, slowly, but you will get through the trails. The 24" can be used for trials and street, but because of the size its harder to be as nimble and responsive as the 20" will be. For muni purposes, the 24" will own the 20"

Both DX and Qu-Ax are sweet strong rides, and on the cheaper side. (unless you got plenty of cash, then Koxx and KH are the best to go for)

The Nimbus Trials is a good uni, but since it has a cotter less hub and cranks I wouldn’t do any big drops. If you do you’ll break the hub and/or cranks (prob a couple of sets of cranks, then the hub). You’ll prob break them anyways w/in a couple of months from hopping and smallish drops but probably not before you’d have saved up for a KH moment hub.

If you focus on technical trials and flatland tricks the crankset should last you a while (I’m not sure but I think these are stronger than the LX cranks). I wouldn’t hop down more than 2 stairs at a time untill you have a splined crankset. Then you’ll have a bombproof uni.

For learning to ride backwards I whent back to the railing that I used to learn to ride and followed all the bassic learning advise, esp keeping my weight on the seat. I also got some 661 padded shorts (I’ve used them a few times when I didn’t pull my feet of the pedals fast enough).

I did the same for learning SIF and SIB. I had to experiment a lot w/ diff seat hights, hand positions and crank lengths (out of 102’s, 114’s, 125’s, and 152’s I found 114’s the easiest).

Edit: Nimbus trials from Justonewheel.com + KH crankset=same strength as a Qu-Ax (make sure it’s the yellow hub), and same cost, but lighter. The DX is good and cheep, but heavy. The Qu-Ax 24 doesn’t come w/ brake mounts.

Sorry, double post.

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for your riding hop question: start from a stop, hop, and as you land try to immediately start pedaling. Now that you can do this, ride slowly and hop, roll immediately upon landing.

riding backwards: you remember how you learned to ride forewards? exactly the same learning process, just reverse. for the first while you won’t have the fore/aft balance, but it will develop for backwards riding if you practice:)

height: practice. tuck. low seat. practice. tuck. practice. prehop. practice. practice. practice.:slight_smile:
oh, do not give up on this one, riding backwards is one of the most fun tricks to do! …just takes a little while to learn.:slight_smile:

(the low seat bit is assuming you are still hopping seat in, if you are SIF, ride a regular sest height)

more help needed…thanx

thanks for the reply guys.

can any one help me?
i dont have a clue what SIF or SIB means sorry. please tell me what these mean if u know.
i also want advise on how to get distance when i jump forward.
ive seen some videos where people jump like 1 meter forward.
i find it really hard and can only jump forward about 3 inchs.

i am more than happy to receive any trick tips.

thanks! :smiley:

SIF= Seat in Front, it is a technique where you put your seat slightly in front of you and hold the side of it with your hand, if you watch a trials vid, you’ll see this alot, as it enables you to jump higher.
SIB= Seat in Back, I really don’t know how this is useful, other than it looks pretty cool. It’s harder though.
I can’t be the greatest advisor for rolling hops, because I usually do a sidehop instead, because I can sidehop like six feet. For rolling hop advice, ask skrobo :smiley:

One of the most desireable trials unis

Is the KH20. Kinda expensive. If you read this thread you may learn how to get the best price for one.:slight_smile:

sorry, I’ll do it right this time

thanks for feed back

thanks for all the feed back guys.
it has been really helpful.
i would really like to know how to get height when i jump.

also any more advise on wat new uni to buy(trials)

if any one in NSW Australia has a uni for sail please tell me.
or if any one knows of any websites to buy unicycles please tell me
finally if anyone knows of any shops in Sydney Australia for uni’s.

thanx hpz for the feed back.:smiley: :smiley:

Hawo my friend, my name is harry a.k.a Hazmat. :smiley: :smiley: As you can see i’m a Sydney boy myself.

  1. I have a cheapo unicycle for you if you want it?? :thinking:
  2. http://www.unicycle.au.com/?gclid=CMKD9tOEn40CFR7KYAodohJ-3w
    or http://www.unicycles.com.au/
  3. Kitepower was where i got my very first unicycle. So you can try there. Here’s the link if you’re interested. :smiley: http://www.kitepower.com.au/catalog/category_273_Unicycles.html

Take care, have fun and if you any questions. Feel free to ask me or anyone of the kind and friendly on this forum.

Your new friend

i would really like that unicycle
but what type is it?

This. :smiley: http://www.kitepower.com.au/catalog/product_16719_Chrome_Unicycle_cat_273.html

Hey, im about to upload a video to youtube, it will help you with rolling hops. Ill get it up soon.

thats interesting i can do SIB easy but cant to SIF permanently yet i find SIB easer

Here you go.

As you can see, I have some pretty good speed going towards the stairs. You may want to start at a regular pace for now until you are used to it, but latter, on the extra speed will be used for more momentum to get up and over whatever your trying to jump.

One noticeable thing is the compression of my tire. I almost bottom out before I launch off. I always end up getting my compression when my pedals ares around 12 and 6 o’ clock position, maybe around 1 and 7. At the same time, my whole body has compressed down just a little bit. You may want to let some air out of your tire to get this compression.

As my pedals get to a more horizontal position, I spring up. You can watch my whole body go straight, my free arm swing up, and the compression of the tire always helps. Im almost leaning forward a little, but not by much. And I am really pulling on my handle.

As soon as I have passed the 2nd stair, you can see my legs bringing up the uni.

By the third stair I have pulled the uni even more in front of me. My free arm is still out.

BY the 4th stair I am in a position very familiar to this > . Top half is folded way over, This movement gives you momentum to get up and oer higher object, on lower object this wont be need. You can also tell how folded up I am, getting the tire as high and out as I can to get it onto the top of the stairs.

I land, body straightens up, I pedal forward and land my hop.

For you, start with curbs, one stair, or one pallet. Find your jumping position, I go left foot forwards, others go with their right. Get on your uni and ride to the spot where you want to jump at. Probably just a few inches away from the ledge. Hop in this one spot and turn yourself around so you are facing away form the ledge. Ride straight out now a fair distance, and once your back in your jumping position, hop there a few times to remember that spot, and mark it somehow.

Now you have a perfect run up to your object. Mount on this spot, hop a few times if you need to to make sure your there, ride at your ledge, and jump.

Practice the curbs or small ledge till its natural and something you can do with your eyes closed. Now try 2 stairs, or two pallets, practice those until they feel like curbs and are easy. Keep practicing, keep pushing yourself. Don’t worry if you get stuck trying to get up something, jsut find something a inch or two smaller.

Hope this all makes sense and helps with your jumping.

I always wondered how you got the right crank position

That makes a lot of sense. I am about ready to try this. I can idle so so and hop in place.:slight_smile:

I guess I’m just used to SIF.

Nice job:) That will help a lot of people here. No offense to skrobo, but I think your vid & write up is better than his tutorial, IMO (I can’t hop at all, but it is just a lot easier for me to see whats going on the way you did it). Mainly from the slo-mo, up stairs instead of flat and great description.

Thanks. Sorry for some of the grammatical problems in there. I ended up posting it at 3:03am. :o