2nd Rolling Hop Guide

Here you go.

I know Skrobo has his out already, but I ended up writing one and thought it should have its own thread.

I wrote it around 3am, oddly enough, its around 3am right now too, but yeah, that explains for most of the grammatical errors.


thats awesome, i trust i don’t need to go back and make sure you got everything.

but since im typing and it is your thread, did you mess with that video of me (i mean put it in ultraslowmotion)?

I was able to download it, but not able to open the google video file type in premiere, so I couldn’t go anywhere with it. Sucks.

Id like to bump this back up. :slight_smile:

This one is just awesome! http://youtube.com/watch?v=t08IjRqK-UM&feature=related

I ride trials and can SIF hop up 2 pallets. But I was wondering, in trials, do you ever do rolling hops? If so, do you guys get more hops seat-in-front or with rolling hops?

I think that you best can do first SI and hit 40cm-60cm.
And then should i go for SIF if you do trial.

I don’t get that,

why would you want to get really high with SI, if only to transfer to SIF later?

40-60cm isnt too bad.

Mainly its just to learn equal pressure on the pedals.

Anyways, rollings hops are used every now and then, but usually once in a line, sometimes youll get lucky and can do another one to something else, but that doesnt happen to often. For the most part is SIF, or SI, depending on your riding style.

I can SI about 15 cm. and SIF about 30cm.

But, SIF doesn’t feel hard like it used to be. I mean hard as in 'hard to balance on pedals. SIF comes naturally to me now. Should I go back to SI or stay in SIF?

Stay SIF, but work on SI every now and then too.

Thats how I ride at elast. Theres some gaps and parts im more comfortable with doing SI, and then other parts of the line Ill switch to SIF. Mainly its when riding or drop down to a skinny that Ill be SI, then most of everything else is SIF.

I’d learn SI until you can clear 15" to 20" (40-50cm) heights, then transfer over to SIF. Learning SI first helps you in the long run because you can then transfer your knowledge over to SIF jumping. If you try and go straight for SIF, you’ll end up having to work harder to learn foot placement and balance whilst in midair than if you learned SI first.