Rolling Hop Tutorial(finally)

here it is, theres really not much to it.
sorry I couldn’t say more, and there is no sound because i figured it would only be distracting, and annoying if you watch it several times.

something I didn’t mention in the tutorial is the whole throwing your arm in the air, I noticed that my video clips of me doing 3-4 feet gaps have little arm movement. It gradually changed to the almost full extension I do now.

I think thats it. if you have any questions feel free to ask, I will try to help you w/ them.

practice is a major player as well, but it also helps to daydream about it and its specifics (I know I know…)

You didn’t put a link in.

Its In Video’s Now

Question: What’s your question?
All I see is a statement.

ok, there I copied the post exactly from the videos section, and the link didn’t copy.

good helped some


cheers dude entertaining and helpful!


that jump has been buggin me. all i can do is a good long side hop.

hopefully your video will help me get better!:slight_smile:

nice man :smiley:

one question, i can rolling hop fairly far now (thnx for the tutorial) but when jupping sets of stairs or something similar I can rarley jump it because my pedals are not in the correct position, can you ensure you hit the spot evertime without having to pace it out or is it just luck?

eventually you get a feel for it and can judge from a fair distance away, but I ride backwards, dismount, get back on and REALLY go at whatever I am trying to jump off of(not suggested unless you are used to jumping and landing going that fast.).

ok i will try tht tomorrow thnx, mayb sum day i will take on a 11 set, so far iv only managed a 5 set but thats partly because there arnt any bigger sets :frowning:

This helped me a lot. You may want to put extra emphasis on the fact that you DO NOT keep pedaling, unless your trying to do a flip trick. I learned the hard way… lol

i did a 6 set rolling using your tips as opposed to a 4 set before

glad to hear this actually helped people :slight_smile:
i was kind of worried that it wouldn’t

Maybe they were humouring you.

Just kidding, it was good.

great tutorial, helpt me at least a bit,
like the credits;)

Huh, thanks for the video, it’ll help, I bet.

:stuck_out_tongue: someone needs it.