UniCore featured on the news

Kelly Hickman, Ryan Henning, and I (Justin Peabody) were featured on the local news last Friday. Here’s the video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=bZ8J8m5nI5s . I was pleased overall, decent story!:slight_smile:

One of you guys looked like the guy from that “under no influence” video a while back…

It certainly wasn’t hickman, but the name henning sure sounds familiar.


Hmm. curious…I’m pretty sure he’s never made a movie by that title.

Awesome! One thing to say though is that the camera work didn’t do the riding justice.

Way to go!

Did anyone else show interest in joining your group since this was on?

that was certainly better coverage and a better news story than most other times we unicyclists have been featured on the news for unicycling… at least tv wise…

None yet, I gave them our website. They said they’d mention it, but only mentioned our name, but it’s better than nothing.

That was probably the best and most respectful news interview I’ve seen of unicyclists. Good job guys.

Great coverage. It’s funny how the folks in the newsroom always seem to say the same types of stuff before and after a unicycle piece. One difference on a bit of coverage we got for MUni Weekend, the lady newscaster said she didn’t know why, but she could ride a unicycle. How odd to say you didn’t know why you learned?

Yeah, the only thing about it I didn’t like was the weather guy going, “One wheel, whats that about, why not two?” I was like, because one’s better duh!

Very nice story, guys!

Wow, just saw this thread. I had a pretty fun time making it. They didn’t put in my other big rail but they did have the one with Justin laying on the ground in the backgroud after a bail. Now that was funny HA! :wink:


I totally agree :wink: Great overall story

It sure was quite a bit of fun! And yeah, I ate it hard before that grind, lol. We pretty much just sessioned the park like we usually do, except we were being followed by a camera. :slight_smile: