Unicore featured on the news (again)

After our News 4 segment a few weeks ago ( UniCore featured on the news ) another local news station caught wind and wanted in. So here is the News 9 story on us:

Overall I thought it was a pretty good story again. This one was a tad shorter, and didn’t have quite as much continuity, but it was still a good piece.

Excellent segment! How did you get it?

Well, I’m assuming that News 9 saw our old segment, but it could have just been some of the YouTube videos in which I link to the website. He went to the site and e-mailed me and we got it all set up.

how do you get on the news

i have been offered in the paper but the news well justin i know you have unicore and how do you start a unicycling group

Most of the “news” coverage I’ve been involved with in unicycling has been members of the press who saw the work of other members of the press. It seems only a small percentage is doing non-derivative work…