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So far from Canada:
2 Canada Dunlop Robin
58 Canada Tappin Nathan


Unicon Registration Update:
Unicon website: www.unicon14.dk
Registration: www.unicon2008.dk/registration/index.php

Current Stats
2 Canada
1 Cyprus
16 Danmark / Denmark
43 Deutschland / Germany
9 France
5 Hungary
1 Norway
1 Puerto Rico
32 Schweiz / Switzerland
1 Spain
5 United Kingdom
16 United States of America

114 are competitors; 18 are non-competitors

IUF Pres
Unicon Consultant

I’ve just registered and was dismayed to see that there are two Downhill MUni races and an Uphill race but no Cross Country?

Is there any reason for leaving it out? It would be like having Mountainbiking World Championships without a Cross Country event.

The reason why we don’t have a Cross Country race is that we are not allowed to use the area around the hill where the up and down hill races will be held.

We talked a lot about making a Cross Country race on another day a different place, but coulden’t find time in the program.
Instead we decided to do a “MUni Single Trail Downhill” race.

This video here is from the hill in Sweden, and it shows a lot from the single trail.
Muni in Sweden

We are planning to make workshops, for those who want to ride Cross Country.

Why don’t you combine the uphill and downhill course and do several loops of it? They said something similar in Switzerland for Unicon 13, but looking at the terrain they had, it would have been pretty easy to put a XC course together. In fact, they could have put together a really interesting race.

If you like I can help design a course.

Another vote for a cross-country race if at all possible. PLEASE :o grovel grovel grovel.


This is something similar to the situation we had for Unicon 11. We had access to lots of trails, but none of them really went across without doing lots of up or down. Today’s Unicon crowd is more ready for a race like that, but then you get to the second roadblock, which is time to fit it into the schedule…

What we had at Unicon 11 was a short, steep uphill race (time trial), a downhill/cross country race and the first-ever Unicon Trials competition.

I wish I could make it to something as big as this, but I just don’t think I’m ready for it. I don’t even have a passport… LOL! It’s every two years, right? Well that means Ill be 17/18 so hopefully I’ll be a bit more prepared :o

Start saving up now. Next time it’s going to be in New Zealand! :slight_smile:

BTW Jacquie and I are all registered and paid up (I know, you weren’t sure if we were going). Now to find the best hotel for Uniconners. Any suggestions?

I too vote for a cross country race of some sort. Even if it’s 30 laps!

Early Registration ends on 31 March - make sure you’re registered AND PAID before that time to get the best price. Please don’t wait until the last minute.

Unicon website: www.unicon14.dk
Registration: www.unicon2008.dk/registration/index.php

Current stats
1 Austria / Österreich
2 Canada
1 Cyprus
20 Danmark / Denmark
84 Deutschland / Germany
18 France
6 Hungary
9 Italy
1 New Zealand
3 Norway
1 Puerto Rico
32 Schweiz / Switzerland
1 Spain
7 United Kingdom
16 United States of America
202 Total (15 countries)

Of the 173 competitors, 86 are male, 87 are female. Nice balance so far!

Connie Cotter
IUF President
Unicon Consultant

To Ken, Rob, Jamey
Regarding the MUni- Cross Country

I’ll discuss the ideas with the Unicon organizers. I’ve also got a few of your names down now as volunteering to help!
(Jamey, Rob - you still need to register!!!)

To John
Regarding hotels
See the Unicon website about hotels:

I know some TCUC members are staying in a hotel, and I’ve heard that one of the groups from Germany has a hotel closer to downtown Copenhagen. There isn’t an official Unicon hotel, as the nearby hotels wouldn’t give any discounts.


Thankyou. If there was to be an xc race I’d certainly enter it. If not, there’s plenty else to do while I’m there.

Yes, must get my arse in gear. I got as far as getting a registration password but not actually signing up…


Thanks for the additional hotel updates. Here’s some more, for people who want to go to the hotel route.

  • Both of the hotels mentioned on the Unicon web site get good reviews, commensurate with their relative prices.
  • The prices are EXPENSIVE. Rossini is one of the cheaper places to stay in/around Copenhagen, and should be the best bet for being near Unicon. The Radisson SAS is MORE EXPENSIVE but looks proportionately nicer.
  • Rossini may fill up fast, while the Radisson is very large.
  • If you search around you may be able to find some smaller hotels, B&Bs or apartments to rent in the general vicinity of the zoo, but most of the hotels are closer to downtown.
  • Beware of quoted per/night prices. There are lots of taxes that get added on! Get a total before making up your mind.
  • Shop around with various web searches. If you find a place you like, price it out on various sites, and don’t forget to try the hotel’s own site if they have one.
  • Jacquie and I found our best deal on Priceline (UK). There was one day free, but the scary part is it’s a non-cancellation booking. We’ll be charged whether we show up or not!

We chose the Adina Apartment Hotel, which is not close to Unicon at all. It will give Jacquie easier access to downtown, and we’ll have a car. This place got excellent reviews, and the rooms are all mini-apartments with kitchens. They also have an indoor (salt water) pool. It’s still expensive, but an amazing deal for what we appear to be getting. Feel free to contact me if you’re searching, we did a lot of research!

Save Money and help Unicon getting better!

Pleace make you registration for unicon NOW. The more data we get the better we can plan out the scedule and make Unicon better and more fun for everybody.

Note that you don’t have to pay until before end of march to get the cheep price.

Pleace spred the words…

Right now the competitor fee is 800DKK (about 110€/160$), but it goes up on 1 April to 1100DKK (150€/220$). If they wait until the very last minute, the prices are 2000DKK (270€/400$)
Even the non-competitor fee will go up a lot – starts at 300 DKK (40€/60$) and goes up to 600 DKK (80€/120$) at the door.
These prices do NOT include the classroom lodging.

Beginning on Friday, March 7, the Unicon organizing team will be looking at creating a detailed schedule. To do this, we need people to be registered! You don’t need to pay right away (make sure you pay before the end of March to get the best price), but it would be greatly appreciated if people who have not yet registered could please do it in the next few days. When you do sign up, please take your best guess as to the events you’d like to do.

Current Stats
1 - Austria / Österreich
2 - Canada
1 - Cyprus
1 - Czech Republic
21 - Danmark / Denmark
118 - Deutschland / Germany
34 - France
7 - Hungary
23 - Italy
5 - Japan
2 - New Zealand
4 - Norway
12 - Puerto Rico
34 - Schweiz / Switzerland
1 - Slovakia
1 - Spain
5 - Sweden
16 -United Kingdom
38 - United States of America

326 Total
A few new countries since last Monday: Czech Republic, Japan, Slovakia, Sweden.

Some other information:
12 Street Competitors
11 Flatland Competitors
20 Individual Freestyle (2 Experts)
28 Standard Skill competitors
18 Basketball teams (only 1 officially registered)
25 Hockey teams (only 2 officially registered)
51 Trials Competitors

Connie Cotter
IUF President
Unicon Consultant
Unicon website: www.unicon14.dk
Registration: www.unicon2008.dk/registration/index.php

i’m definately coming, but i am as yet undecided as to whether to enter as a competitor or no (mainly because the difference is about an extra fifty quid which i’m not sure i’ll have/be able to afford). will it be possible to upgrade/downgrade after registering?

Why don’t you fill in the registration today as a competitor, you’ll then see how many events you want to enter and realise the price difference is OK for the number of events your planning on entering :smiley:

If money is tight you’d want to complete registration by the end of March when the prices change, if you decide you can’t justify it you could change your registration before sending the money. Currently it is very easy to switch between competitor/non competitor, although I would assume this changes once the payment has been made.


Yes, Connie I will register right now…sorry for the delay. And I would be willing to help with a MUni Cross Country but would be competing in it so I’d be available to help before and after the race. Just let me know what needs to be done! :slight_smile:

reggied :slight_smile: