Unicon 14 registration is open.

We are happy to invite you to the 14th Uniconvention and World Championship which is being held in Denmark in the period 26th July to 4th August, 2008.

UNICON XIV will take place in Copenhagen in a part of the town called “Frederiksberg”.

Unicon 14 registration is open.
You can also book lodging at schools on the registration page.

We look forward to welcoming you to UNICON in Denmark and hope that we will have a fantastic and eventful time together.

too bad i dont live in europe

Me too… but i’m trying to go!!! Today i will fisinish my Sponsor Request video… and i will send to all brazilian TV Channels, Magazines and sports Stores!

The big problem is that the Trip to DAnnemark is the MOST expesive in Europe i think… Just one airline company fly from brazil to dannemark!
My father probably will give me the airplane tickets…But i will need money to all charges!

I will try… Maybe next month I can register me and my father :smiley:


Then fly to another country and go by train to danemark (germany and sweden are probably the closest).


Thanks Lutz!.. That’s a option… I will consult my travel agent to know all the prices of the trip!

Thanks Again!

Don’t you mean too bad you can’t afford to go to Europe, with parents in tow, etc.? Or do you mean you don’t know how to get across the ocean? :slight_smile:

I kind of doubt it. Compare prices with a trip to Switzerland (where we went for Unicon XIII). :smiley: Beautiful, wonderful country, but expensive! I have been to Denmark in 1983, but it was in November (cold, dark). Can’t wait to see it in the summer!

Your best bet for flying might be to go in and out of Hamburg (Germany) which is pretty close and probably has lots of airline and plane choices. Our flights from California will be on United for the first part, then SAS from Chicago to Copenhagen. If you have online sellers of air travel, they might be able to put something like this together.

Woohoo I’m registering now!

I wish I could go. My birthday is August 1st. Maybe I can get my mom to pay for it as a birthday present.

I’m not entirely sure what events I want to take part in, can I change them at a later date?

Yes, you can change your events - up to a point. Please try to be realistic in the things you want to enter. We use the entries to do things such as scheduling, awards calculation, etc. If you’re thinking you want to do something, go ahead and sign up for it now. But if you change your mind, PLEASE edit your registration data.

There are a few events that are limited, or have sign-up dates. At this point, it is all open.

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– Helping Unicon organization

Crap I accidentaly registered twice, is there a way to get rid of one? I’m really sorry, I have been buying a rediculous amount of flights today and registration forms are just flight by me like a blur.


EDIT:The ID# that you want to delete is 59

Wow thanks I feel stupid.

The extra ID has been deleted.

If anybody else has issues with Unicon registration, I can help out (answering questions, getting duplicate registrations deleted, etc).


People registered are from the following countries:
Canada 2
Cyprus 1
Danmark / Denmark 9
Deutschland / Germany 21
France 6
Schweiz / Switzerland 18
United Kingdom 3
United States of America 11


In the german registration trials is listed as “last steps to finish” would be nice to change it because I searched for hours to find trials (and found it only by using another language).


Thanks for noticing the error on the German version of the Registration page. It will be fixed very soon.


what canadians are going? i might go if i can travel with someone!

We should get a Canadian room and fill it with maple syrup, beer, and back bacon!

I would love to travel with someone, but I’m coming from Tokyo, and leaving to Munich after.

Yay one of those people is me.


I can’t wait.