Uni Video to air on CNN

Yesterday I got a call from a woman on CNN who was very interested in my new uni video. She said that she would get it on air sometime in the next few months. Tell me what you think. I know a lot of you guys are extremely talented so this prob will not look like much!

your good, and put it this way: any decent uni vid on tv is good :wink:

Great video! Lots of variety is key, and you did just about all you can do on a uni! :smiley:

Because of your post I thought it was going to be some really crap video, but you know, publicity is always good. Then I checked it out and youre a pretty awesome rider! More than that, editing and filming was great, I loved the video.

lol I was expecting curb hopping

Nice! I’ve seen most of those spots. I live about a half hour away from Denver. Sweet! Can’t wait to see it on CNN.

Rick!! Riding with you at Moab was sweet.

So sweet your gonna get it on tv. Good job.

haha i just posted this in the video section, i loved it…

awesome man, just awesome…i love your attack style riding its great


trials, street, muni, great video and it will be great for tv. Good job putting that video together, there was quite alot to put in there.

Nice vid, great riding, though the crankflip attempts off the picnic table at the end made my legs hurt just watching :smiley:

grrr its always trials and muni that make TV…

EDIT: awsome video, i need stronger cranks+hub…

dude, that was a really well made video I enjoyed it a lot.
I’m glad to see that level/type of riding on TV

you broke that crank .wow.

well done mate
very good video
5:26 looks like it hurt alot

That was a really good video. I’m not sure if seeing a unicycle video on TV would convince someone to buy a unicycle, but if it did, this would be the video.

Great work, keep it up.

Loved Your Video!

Great Video! You incorporated a lot of different styles and did some really original stuff like with the Trampoline! I really enjoyed it! Not to mention that you are a very accomplished rider!


That’s one of the few videos that I’ve actually enjoyed watching all the way through. excellent riding and editing, and the level of extremeness will make it great for television.

The video was very well done. A couple of reasons why CNN may have been attracted to yours over some others:

  • Pace is not too fast for non-unicyclists to follow
  • Nice variety
  • Music nearly anyone can stand

There was only one thing missing:
Any sign of thought toward your own safety (safety gear). I prefer to think of us unicyclists as a little smarter in the self-protection department than skateboarders, who seem to think it makes them weak or something. You can’t say it wouldn’t help any after including all those great biffs at the end!

Overall very well done, and I hope it gets aired!

I agree with John. Great video, great tricks & skills, well edited.

But at least wear a helmet, dude.

i remember you from moab, you were the guy with two left cranks on your uni right?

anyway, great video!

Thank you very much MR. Foss I respect you so much! You are a great contributor to the sport. As far as the helmet goes you are completely right, thank you for the concern, you will be happy to know that I now wear a helmet due to the seriousness that head injuries can cause! I work for the city of Littleton and earlier in the year a young man was skitching near my work. Skitching is wear you grab onto a car in ride up a hill on a skateboard. The young man lost control, his
Skateboard slipped beneath him and he hit his head on the concrete so hard it killed him instantly. When all was said and done the man had lost his life just because he did not wear a helmet. Every time I pass the place where this occurred there lays a box which reads please take a helmet in memory of are son! I have chosen to take a helmet I hope the rest of you do as well!!!