this might be the coolest online vid ive seen this year. This guys intense!


anyone know him?

I dont know him know him but he’s Rick. He was at Moab and a really cool guy. He had like two left pedals or something like that. He was pretty crazy. Yeah he does his unispins weird :stuck_out_tongue:

that wasn’t a very outstanding vid…

Personally I thought it was pretty cool. I loved the style and he rode aggresive and hard and fast. I’ve seen some other videos of his and been impressed by his style but this is the best I’ve seen of him.


yeah ricks pretty good…
he did a post on this vid in the general discussion area…

i love the edit with a lot of angels, looks like he had pro cameramens with good cameras.

so wouldnt it be better if it was in here rather then general disc?

yeah i love the way he rides, maybe its not triple flip down a 5 set. But its the way he rides is what caught my eye

thats ood, i just watched that a few mins ago, just going through random vids.
meh its pretty average though.

well i appreciate the vid as all i can do is hop
its damn cool

ya nice video some amazing skills those falls looked painfull nice editing

i dont care if he falls on his head but i think he should wear a helmet

Well then you guys will be happy that its going on TV

+1 they look cooler as well

I thought it was a pretty cool video. Very aggressive riding. I thought it was interesting how he would riding skinnies (ex. the log across the stream) while still holding 1 hand on the seat, instead of holding both arms out for balance.


what up Rick! that vid is sick dude! when i get a chance to go to Denver we have to make a vid for sure…

Really cool!!:wink: I love it!!!

his hops look sloppy, but that is probobly just due to the pace of his riding.

I’ve seen a couple of his vids before, while random searching on youtube. I really like his riding, fast and flowing.

Parts of this vid I liked the editing and parts I did not. Some of the lines he rode only a small portion was shown and the clips cut off right after a lot of his tricks and drops, so you can’t tell if he actually landed it or not.


he landed them for sure…if u seen him at moab he landed 99% of the ledges he did first try

I’m just saying it was bad editing for those parts, so he COULD have not landed it and we wouldn’t be able to tell.

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