Uni Tricks Clips Game!

Ok, this is kind of confusing but here are the rules to the game:

-The first person posts a clip of themself doing a trick (freestyle, flatland, street, etc).
-Then the second person has to post 2 clips. This person’s first clip has to be the same trick that the person before posted and then their other clip can be what ever they want.
-The the next person posts 2 more clips, they have to match the second clip of the person in front of them and post their own…etc.

So it keeps going until someone posts a clip that nobody else can match and they win and the game starts over again:)

I will start:
360 unispin http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=164029

Oh, I have to do this! But wait for me untill monday, when I’ll be able to ride lots… I’m busy over the weekend.

Okay 360unispin! :smiley:

I don’t have another trick filmed yet…


Well I already have this: http://www.unicyclist.com/gallery/?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=164038
floor mount to standupww

you win :frowning:

Okay 360 unispin, and then a crankflip.


no juggle…you have to do litledudes trick…then forests trick then ur crankflip!

I figured I didn’t have to since he didn’t have the trick on film

Nvrmind i misread it, I saw the vid. Well he has me beat.

Well just because I got there first. You would have creamed me with a crankflip. :frowning:

Hey I have an idea maybe… you get one point if no one can match your trick, or for everyone who can’t match your trick, or something to that effect…

Do you guys want figure this out again and make it more organized and try again?
I have an idea for the future: Only post your clips when you have them both at the same time or there will be overlap;)

sounds like a good game…
i would post a vid if i knew what the hell is going on.

edit:forrest… dude you gotta land the standup WW if you want it to count (on screen)

do it like juggle508 and put the 2 clips in 1 vid

Am i allowed to post a bc vid in here? for all you bcing folk.

Ok, lets get this back on track. You dont have to do every trick that came before you, just the last persons. Evan, I dont think it would be fair if you did bc stuff because not very many people ride bcs and you would probably win everytime. Forrest, I agree with Alex, you should land it on film. So ill respond to juggle 508…

Crankflip and Small Spin (I need to film more stuff:))

Well Alex said he would counter any bc trick i put up, so toamorw il start with bacic stuff k?

I think that you should have to do both tricks in the same shot too. Anyone can do a trick if they have 100 tries at it. So, in one shot, do the challenged trick, and then immediately do your new trick. How’s that?

Now i suck and i don’t have a camera, so i won’t be in the comp., but i figured i’d add my suggestion anyway.

You may want to make a rule that you can only jump so many skill levels in one turn, too, otherwise only a couple of people will be able to submit clips.

This is not going to work with crankflips, i mean, all the competitors you are going to have are kelly, spencer, alex and shaun.

im gunna go film a simple bc trick for you peeps to try.

Heres a really easy bc trick, lets see if anyone can counter it.


Yeah me too, sorry. I was just pulling footage off my computer… :slight_smile:

I think that shouldnt be allowed either…you have to film it new…