Uni parts: Will they fit?

I have a few questions about parts and what they will fit on.

I am purchasing a Koxx-one alien backflip frame and a was wondering if it would fit on:
KH 2008 hub
Nimbus 2010 hub

Also what types of cranks would fit on a Koxx-One reinforced hub.


matt manson

I’ve had a Koxx wheel, Mad4one wheel, KH frame, Koxx frame, and Quax frame and they all fit on everything else so I don’t think you’ll have a problem there. Nimbus probably will as well, I can’t tell you for sure but I think I’ve seen a bunch of people mixing up KH/Nimbus/Koxx.

For the K1 hub it depends if it’s the old version or the new one. In the past they used this messed up ISIS sizing so if that’s the case you’ll only be able to use old K1 cranks on it (Koxx one street cranks are the best out of these IMO). But if it’s the new style you can use any ISIS cranks (KH, new Koxx, M4O, ect). To find out you should probably just call the store you ordered it from, they should be able to tell you. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much Julia! that was vey helpful. I will call the store later to see whick one it is.

Koxx One Alien Backflip frames do not fit on Nimbus hubs unless you modify them. The bearing holders won’t fit past the spokes without being filed down. In this thread you can see how Saskatchewanian filed down his bearing holders to make the frame fit on a Nimbus hub.

OK thanks Unihopper. That was helpful also. Thanks!

For wheels fitting frames, the main things you need to know are:

  • Hub width/frame width
  • Bearing size

But as mentioned above, there may be other details that factor in, so it stays complicated…

Yah I don’t recommend it unless you have a belt sander with a good course belt to use. I had to remove a LOT of material.

Having said that I am quite happy with the end result.

Another question how long is the alien backflip seat tube?

About 230mm from top of crown to top of seatpost clamp measured on a ruler.

thanks . a stock nimbus and kh is 150 right?

About 135mm when measured in the same way. I suspect the official lengths are 150mm and 250mm.

ok thanks!!