Ultimate Cow

Saw a cow on an ultimate wheel the other day.

Anyone outside of Washington State know how to pronounce Puyallup?

Check out the site: http://www.thefair.com , there’s also a vid with a cow riding a giraffe…

That cow on the giraffe is not real, it must be a trick.

Nevertheless, remarkable that some cows are white with purple font-color, and others purple and white.

A friend of me, employee of a famous circus-dynasty known for good animal acts, once supplied a very simular purple cow for a commercial!
But so far no unicycling cow. So, cool to see!

Picture 1.png

Not bad, for a cow. I’ve seen elephants walk on rolling globes. Big globes, but pretty damn impressive for elephants nonetheless! I’ve only seen it once, in the Riga Circus in 1990. The famous Soviet animal trainer (the guy in the foreground I think) passed away within a year or two of that picture.


Yes, sweet Indian elephants, despite their mass, have a surprisingly fine control over their huge bodies. The balancing doesn’t impress me anymore, but getting them on the globes; since elephants are extremely scared to fall. I’ve seen some shit from fear just walking on a rubber mat in the ring.
I’ve seen elephants on rollerkates (no kidding!), I found that stupid nonsense. Showing their capabilities and skills much nicer, which they enjoy themself to!
What still amazes me is how elephants deal with pain, and how they allow help from human (bleeding ears, glass in feet, etc). I’ve seen a few relationhips between elephant and human that were beyond a marriage.

Talking about animals who truly mastered riding a unicycle… In the circus where I learned unicycling I long ago saw a monkey from France who could ride a unicycle unassisted. His trainer was a unicyclist to. I soo regret not filming it!
For unicon-13 I tried to trace them, and participate in the pairs freestyle together. Unfortunely I never found them back.
I know at least 1 person still has it on VHS tape, but he seems to have no time to digitalize it :frowning:

Was it perhaps this one?



I knew that one would pop-up again. No sorry, the monckey and me both are post b/w era.