Unicycle Spotting / Sighting Thread

Make sure that you are very tired…you know…to the point of feeling silly. Or maybe just be under the influence of something to watch Veggie Tale’s LORD OF THE BEANS. You can instant netflix the “movie.” To help introduce the movie is a cucumber on a unicycle.

I was watching Seinfeld and I remembered that in the bizarro episode, there is a unicycle hanging on Kevin’s wall, referencing the bike on Jerry’s.

Another Uni-themed PhotoShop contest: http://www.fark.com/cgi/comments.pl?IDLink=5466067

I liked the giraffe example

Hoptober Golden Ale

In todays New York Times there was an add for classes with journalists, but the add said “Learn Something New” and had a picture of a unicycle.

(sorry for such a big picture)

I need to get on RSU more often; I’ve forgotten my own thread.

This belonged here!

My video productions class is going to make a video like this, so my teacher showed this to us as an example. Unicycles in the background between 0:16 and 0:20.


so i assume these are british people in the video, yet they have a poster of the american version of the office. win

So I was watching the celebration of the 200th aniversary of Mexican independence taking place in downtown Mexico City, and in part of the show there were some guys on unicycles juggling clubs:p I was wanting them to start busting some tricks but they juggled the whole time, it was cool though.


I found some footage of me at the Shrewsbury Bike Fest!!

Check out the Bikefest - Overview and the One Year On vids!!!


Lest we forget the purpose of this thread:

Mono-cyclist in Eastsound on Orcas Island, WA.

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The current Michael Jackson laser show at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA, USA, includes a short unicycle segment. It’s during P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), where unicycling is one of the things an animated floppy-eared dog does to try to impress a cute female bunny.
Strange? Yeah.

Here is a company logo I spotted a few months ago on a truck:

I was just watching the Mythbusters Viewer’s Special 2 (recorded on my DIRECTV DVR :D) and, at the very end, Mythbuster Adam Savage was talking at the camera asking for more viewer requested myths. He was wobbling back and forth like he was on a unicycle! After he was done talking, he turned around and rode down the length of the shop… on a unicycle! And not only a unicycle, a Giraffe! I thought this was pretty awesome…

Whose RV is this then??? Just spotted this while searching for links about unicycles on twitter.


Anyone else on twitter from these forums ?


Missoula has been doing a city beautification project which includes decorating power boxes. I came across this one covered with photos from Adventure Cycling Association, which is based here. The caption reads “July 26, 2010 - Benjamin - From Yorktown, Virginia, to Astoria, Oregon”. Unfortunately I had no idea about Benjamin’s journey when he came through town last year.


Check of the United Church of Christ’s logo:

“That they may all be one”


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The United Church of Christ logo is great. I pointed out the unicycle connection to a pastor who was wearing it. She seemed surprised. :roll_eyes:


Benjamin’s ride is well documented on his website: