Twenty-G 20x3.45 tire

I was browsing the 3G Bikes web site and saw that they have a new tire called the Twenty-G. It’s a 20" version of the Hoggy-G. A nice fat slick 20" tire. It looks like it’s the same width as the 24" Hoggy-G. That would make it just slightly less wide than a Monty trials tire. The 3.45" measurement on the sidewall of the tire is a bit of a marketing exaggeration. It’s still a wide tire, but it’s not 3.45".

I don’t have a 20" unicycle that would fit the Twenty-G, otherwise I’d try it out. Someone is going to have to try it. It looks like it would be a good tire for a 20" street unicycle. It might be good for street style riding. The 20" size would give you a little more speed and flow than the Monty and the 20" size might be a better fit for 140 mm or 150 mm cranks.


Well, I was going to say John try that out and let us know… but then I finished reading your post. Do you think it would fit a Summit? I might be game if it does.

I don’t think there’s any chance it would fit a Summit. I’ll bet it would work on a Nimbus II frame, however. There is lots of room up top on that frame. I would want the widest 20" rim available also, but it sounds like a great idea, John!

An important consideration is the size of the tyre - will it fit on standard 20" rims or does it fit 19" rims (like the Monty 20 x 2.5" tyre)? Does anyone know this?

This is a standard 20" rim/tire combo. That’s what makes it so appealing. Its’ OD would be greater than either a standard 20" tire or a 19" trials rim/tire combo., giving it slightly more speed, while hopefully having the volume of a trials or MUni tire for hops:D

Sounds interesting but at $25 plus $20 shipping the price is steep.

Any idea how to get it local and for less?

actually, 20 dollars shipping for a tire is rediculus.

I would guess that can get them. They have the Hoggy-G.’s shipping and handling is much more reasonable. Or maybe a local bike shop can order the tire and get it with more reasonable S&H.

I saw the price for their S&H on the tire and had the same thought. Wow! That’s a lot for S&H for a tire. I hope it comes next day air. Maybe the S&H is so high so they don’t compete with the local bike shops selling their product.

Yea, they’re trying to cover their overhead with outrageous shipping… f&ck em’ :wink:

Actually their shipping is so high because they are not importing the tires. They are all warehoused in Taiwan. So shipping is FOB Taiwan. Considering it is shipping from Taiwan to the USA $20 is reasonable. Not a very efficient system for us, but must be working for them, because that is how it has been on therir site for a loong time… at least the last year.

Sounds like this way they are able to keep a very large variety of stuff “in stock,” which is so hard for “regular” retailers. Those regular retailers (or resellers) deal with the shipping over from Asia, but only in whatever sized lots. When those run out it may be quite a while before the next shipment comes in. So i guess you get what you pay for.

Hopefully the tire does not come over on a boat? :slight_smile:

I have been thinking about dropping a small bit of cash for the Nimbus Trials uni. I was wondering, if I did, would it be a good idea to put this Hoggy G on the rim? If the stock rim is narrow, I would be worried about tire fold over with a wider tire like this. I am assuming that the stock Luna tire is much narrower and with a smaller OD. I would also swap out the 125s for some Dotek 140’s.

I am considering the nimbus, only because I figure it will force me to stay small on the drops and not go big - err meaning plus 4 feet. My thinking is it would minimize ankle injuries. I would use it for about 2.5’ or less drops. I think my form on landing is good enough to work in tandem with the hub and cranks on the Nimbus with out breaking it. I seem to be more into gapping with accuracy between obstacles than “going big”.


This tyre is for a normal 20" rim (isn’t it?). The nimbus trials uses a 19" trials rim. The stock rim is an alex dx32, which is plenty wide enough, and the Luna tyre is fine. The rim and tyre are the same as on the KH and onza unis I think, so no problem there.


The Twenty-G is a 20" tire that fits on a 20" rim. The trials tires like the Monty and Luna are actually 19" tires that fit on special 19" trials rims. You can’t put the Twenty-G on a trials uni without first replacing the rim.

Width wise, the Twenty-G is should be just a bit less wide than the Monty/Luna trials tires.

Something that might work is to start with the Torker DX 20 and then get or build a different frame that can fit the Twenty-G tire. But the Torker doesn’t have a super wide rim like the Alex DX32. The stock rim is not ideal for the Twenty-G. Might need to upgrade the stock Torker rim to a 20" DX32 as well. Oh well, it’d be a project for someone.

I dont see why you couldnt put one on a alex rim, Does one inch really make that much diffrence? I mean, I run a fireball on my muni and its so loose I can take it on and off with my fingers. I am buying one for my street, I have a pretty wide Oddessey 7k-A rim, its aobut 1/4" less wide than my alex rim. I’l tell you how it goes…

Try it.

Wich, the alex or on my street uni?

On a mod rim.

will do.


you can try 20" front wheel biketrial rims. there is one made by VIZ, which is 39 mm (1.5 inches) wide.
have phun.

mfg sebbe w.