Twenty-G 20x3.45 tire

Very true but building a wheel all around one tire? sounds weird…

Well, thats never stopped you before…


…Anyone know any good front trials rims?

has anyone noticed the brake posts on this unicycle?

rim brake (not for a 20") and disc!

Which unicycle?

little late John or maybe im late but any ways i gest bought a tire to day!

who makes the fireball tire?

nm, new question is there such a thing as a slick 2.5" tire? im wondering about this for street unicycling

Yeah, the twenty-g.

and i think Xavier uses a tryall with the thread chopped off

So i found out the tire i baught is not what i wont. will this tire fold like crazy on my torker DX?

Did you read the thread?

in rereading and surfing yes i found that Dyno/Kustom Kruisers makes the fireball tire.

Probally, yes.

Not on the new DX wheel, if you can get one.

I just remembered that Joey Cohn runs a 20" money tire, on a alex 19" rim…