Turning Left

I’ve noticed that I am almost constantly fighting a left turn. This is much more noticeable when I try to ride a 24". Any suggestions?

your saddle might not be strait

I don’t think that is it, neither of my brothers have this problem.

maybe that’s because we’ve unicycled for a year longer than you and you started about a week ago?
does that sound right?

Watch the movie Zoolander, and feel good about yourself. :sunglasses:

I’m feeling the same way. Perhaps it’s just that your right side is taller then your left? This is not out of the ordinary.Your muscles can pull unevenly at your skeletal system, causing everything to be mis aligned. a mesuese(sp) told me this. Makes sense as your body is like a suspension bridge. Your muscles are the wires. The bones are the structure. Think about it…

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Everyones body is uneven naturally. We all have one hip that is higher than the other and one shoulder thats is more forward. My left hip is higher, but my right hip and shoulder go forwards more. Chances are, that your left shoulder sits a bit farther forwards and makes you want to turn(It happens to me almost every time I wheelwalk, I lean with my right and fall/turn right eventually).

Try to press both of your shoulders down while riding and just swing your lower arms for balance. or try pushing your left shoulder back and see if it helps.

Here’s a summary of possible causes going back to '95.

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