trials setup!?!

my bad. read that backwards somehow…wow. anyway, i thought the light duty trials was a suzue hub and thus 40mm and therefore only upgradeable to profile.

Your probably right, cause I havent looked at the hub used on the light trials uni yet.

He could also upgrade to a DX hub, but it wouldnt be worth it. Strength wise its a great hub, but price wise he could of jsut bought a DX lol, and the fact that I have never seen DX hub being sold separately.

Profiles are strong, I dont know if hell want to go for that much money though.

The bedford light duty trials is like not much less than a dx. I say go for the dx.
The extra weight really won’t make a difference. Go splined. Cotterless isn’t gonna due you any good. You could also get a 2005 dx and buy a new rim and when that’s done you’ve only spent 200 bucks.

If he got a 2005 DX, a trials rim will not fit in it, and a new rim would also mean shorter spokes, so another wheelbuild, then a new tire to fit the new rim, and then a new frame to fit it all into.

Oh sorry forgot about the wheel build:o But yeah get the dx

ok well i think i have totally changed what i want to do. i think i want to get the quax splined for $323 USD but the cranks are really long (145mm) so i thought maybe i should get the none splined quax and get the KH ISIS hub and cranks so my over all i would only be paying $20 more BUT quax unicycle are 48 spoked any suggestions??

you could make a custom trials uni.

something like

bedford frame - around $40
KH moment hub/ cranks - like $130.
VHI 48mm wide rim - $45
snafu pedals - $30
KH street seat - $55
seatpsot - $15 to $20.

  • wheelbuild( probably like $30)

like $340 total give or take.

I though Qu-Ax could come with 127s? You just had to tell them that in the order.

145s are actually good for trials. Youll have lots of control/leverage.

nimbus II frame-$35
kris hom movement hub and cranks-$136
NImbus trials rim-$35
Odysey twisted pedals-$11
seat post-$15
Schwin/nimbus gel seat-$39
Wheel build $20-$50(or do it yourself)
That’s what i would make up.

KH moment bearings are 42mm OD and nimbus II frame is for 40mm OD.

any good trials frames with 42 OD bearing housings?

KH or Koxx.

Nimbus II frames can hold 42mm bearings. =p

EDIT: you guys are forgetting about shipping in your price.

are you sure about that? cuz they say they are 40mm

the bearing holders on the nimbus are 40mm.

they will fit a 42mm bearing though. my mate did it with his and it was fine.

are you 100% sure this is a life and death answer


it was a nimbus frame with 42mm bearings.

he had no problems with it, he put a little bit of rubber in the bearing holder so that the bearing would have more contact with the holders.

if you understand that

can anyone else testify to this?

I made a thread asking about it. Look a page or two back.

A reply from UDC.

KH Moment hubs are 42mm, and the Nimbus II frame is 40mm, but because the Nimbus frames arent machined made to have perfect bearing holders, they can hold bigger ones.

A few people on this forum have been running this set-up for years now, doing muni and trials and its fin.

I will be buying the KH 2007 moment hub to fit into mine in about a week.




and more yes