trials setup!?!

ok so i am going to be getting into some trials/street riding. what uni should i get? i was leaning towards getting a light duty Bedford w/ KH saddle and the upgrading the hub and cranks to the KH ISIS moment set in about a year or when i start bending the cranks and hub. i also dont have lots of money to spend on a uni. give me some input please!! thanks :smiley:

After Light Duty Bedford I hit the reply button.

Get something with splined cranks and hub set.

Torker DX, or KH.

EDIT: Cheaper to get the Torker DX right away.

thats why i want to get the spline KH hub and crank set as an upgrade later i have a DX 24 and its pretty heavy its a great muni but i dont want it for a trials do you know ov any problems with the light duty?

Just the weak hub and cranks on it. Maybe pedals? I don’t know much about it, just that I wouldn’t buy one.

so what would you buy? (not too expensive) what do you have?

I’ve got a Norco Twenty with a BMX rim on it that has flat spots and the stock crappy hub and cranks, pedals welded on…

I’m getting a Torker DX for Christmas I hope though… if I had money, a KH20 for sure.

Been riding my BC Wheel a lot lately.

If your just learning like you said, that uni will be great. You will be able to take it off picnic tables and at that height is when youll be bending the hubs. IT will take a lot to bend them though. Just make sure the frame will fit the hub you are wanting to upgrade it to.

You may end up increasing in skill so fast that jsut an a few weeks or in about 2 months youll be wanting to upgrade to splined, so it may be easier to jsut buy a splined uni right now.

The cheapest splined uni, also the heaviest, but the 1 or 2 pounds doesnt make a difference, is the DX. I have it and trash it more than anything. Down stairs, grinds, off ledges going up and past 8 feet tall. It holds up great.

For a little more money, you can get the Qu-Ax trials uni, strength wise, I would say its about the same as the DX, but you save about half a pound or a whole pound with it.

If you can get the money for a KH or Koxx, get it, cause it will be good to have a top-of-the line uni that is ultra strong and light.

There are also unis that in between the high and low end unis. Like the Nimbus hoppley.

so you dont think i should get a light duty and the upgrade to splined? im just a beginner at trials and im only 120 lbs

From what I see, from all my friends, and me, when we started trials, at first our unis held up great to what we did. 1 foot drops, small stair cases. Nothing extreme, but once we started jumping off tables and going bigger and technical, we all wanted to get Splined as soon as possible.

So it may be better for you go straight to a splined uni.

EDIT: you said you have the 24 DX, you can practice with that doing trials for now, and that will give you time to save up money for any other trials uni.

it will be cheaper for me to buy the light duty and then put on KH ISIS spleened hub and cranks how do i know if it will fit?

Check the bearing size and the frame for the bearings it can hold.

Like on my DX, the bearings are 40mm, and the frames bearing housings are 40mm, so they fit perfectly.

If I bought the KH frame, its has 42mm bearing housing. Meaning I could shim my 40mm DX bearings to fit in the 42mm frame.

I dont know if the new ISIS KH bearings are still the 42mm they used to be.

Youll have to ask KHU, UDC, or Bedford for that info.

Or someone on here may know.

once you buy the unicycle, if the seatpost is too big or something you can always just trim it down a few inches, it doesn’t take anything too special, just a saw. And i would go for the quax. it is lighter than the dx and it is splined and the seat is supposed to be really comfy. the dx is a great unicycle though. I also have the 24’’ dx and I agree it is pretty heavy but if you don’t have the money for a quax then that’s definately the best way to go. best of luck!

the new KH is 42 OD, it shouldn’t fit the light duty trials. and you can’t really shim to take a larger size. you could shim a 42 mm holder to take 40 mm bearings but not the other way around

Thats what I stated. Shimming my smaller bearings to fit into a larger bearing housing.

So the ISIS bearings are still 42mm, so nothing changed in that area, thats good.

If the light duty frame has bearing holders of 42mm, youl be fine buying that then upgrading the hub later on.

If the light duty frame doesnt, then you wont be able to upgrade into the KH hub.

my bad. read that backwards somehow…wow. anyway, i thought the light duty trials was a suzue hub and thus 40mm and therefore only upgradeable to profile.

Your probably right, cause I havent looked at the hub used on the light trials uni yet.

He could also upgrade to a DX hub, but it wouldnt be worth it. Strength wise its a great hub, but price wise he could of jsut bought a DX lol, and the fact that I have never seen DX hub being sold separately.

Profiles are strong, I dont know if hell want to go for that much money though.

The bedford light duty trials is like not much less than a dx. I say go for the dx.
The extra weight really won’t make a difference. Go splined. Cotterless isn’t gonna due you any good. You could also get a 2005 dx and buy a new rim and when that’s done you’ve only spent 200 bucks.

If he got a 2005 DX, a trials rim will not fit in it, and a new rim would also mean shorter spokes, so another wheelbuild, then a new tire to fit the new rim, and then a new frame to fit it all into.

Oh sorry forgot about the wheel build:o But yeah get the dx

ok well i think i have totally changed what i want to do. i think i want to get the quax splined for $323 USD but the cranks are really long (145mm) so i thought maybe i should get the none splined quax and get the KH ISIS hub and cranks so my over all i would only be paying $20 more BUT quax unicycle are 48 spoked any suggestions??