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i used to have a big miniramp in my backyard from when i skated but i quit skating and my ramp grew old and soggy so i demolished it. now i have a big empty space where my ramp was and i want to make a little trials course. any trials riders have favorite obstacles or preferences towards certain things like pallets or barrles or rocks or logs or somthing. i never been to or seen a real trials course, only watched videos. looks fun though. also is there any things you use that can be used in multiple combinations? like to switch things up. i think the same course over and over would get monotonous.

lots of rocks is a good idea. i have a pile of “sitting rocks” from the previous owners that they didn’t use. so just pile them up randomly, loads of fun. make sure your trials course is modular, so build in small pieces so that you can rearrange. also, i discovered this accidentally cause i didn’t want to buy new screws. if your course is gonna only be on dirt/permeable surface, then use screws that are too long, that way they will dig into the ground on your ground supports and will prevent excess movement. sorry if that was confusing.

Sandwhich boards can be doubled as skinnies. Saw horses are pretty much the same deal. I would definately look into pallets and some plywood to make the perfect heights for hopping up and practice of that sort of thing. Teeter totters are fun but they get old unless you have a bunch of northshore stuff to follow up.

Pallets are an awesome way to build hop height, and they are great all around. With my pallets, if you flip them upside down they have three lengthwise supports that are about 1 1/2" wide, and I use those for skinnies. I just line them up upside down in a row, and you can practice gapping skinny to skinny too.

Here’s a pretty good picture for you to see what I mean.

uni stuff 002.jpg

Small bridge type thingies are fun.

Something like that is good!

If you want something challenging. Put a long plank measured across your pool or community pool and try to get from one side to the other. :smiley: :smiley: I’ve tried it, but to no success. That doesn’t mean i won’t try again :smiley: :smiley: Also i like Eddbmxdude idea too also. :wink:

were i live there is nothing 2 jump on other than some curbs and a small pile of rocks, i am definatly gunu go out and get sum crates

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Hopping posts.





more rocks.

Forgot to mention those in my post. I built a couple for myself. They’re really easy to make. There’s a good tutorial about it on They are really great to build up guts for going big or skinny. Start of with them being about a foot high, and then as you get more experienced, build them higher. It takes lots of concentration to land on such a small spot (I built the sticky upy part out of 4x4’s). Then go to “obstacle building”

You can find a lot of free supplies in a scrap wood pile at a lumber yard or some hardware stores. Pallats are usually free as well.


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Ok, so if you were going to have a unicycle event, would grass or pavement be better. Is grass really that bad, or does it add something. Getting back on topic…

If grass would add anything it would add padding when you fell. It would maybe take away your prehop if it was too soft but if it was hard engough I don’t think it would. I did see Ryan Atikins in his last video prehop on grass on this box like eight feet tall (jk, but it was really high). And the grass might be uneven too. But other that I cant think of any problems. Pavement just hurts when you fall on it.

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