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I hate hopping on grass. It’s all uneven and sometimes when I go to hop up something my balance is thrown off. Avoid it if possible.

Yeah, that’s really annoying.

So is riding on grass, it’s way too uneven…

Also driveway ramps…

From a bad, high/aukward fall I’ll take a sore arm and some unevenness over a broken arm and smooth ground any day.

Go for grass!

Edit: Besides it just adds to the skill and it’s the same for everyone.

Some ideas for beginners trials props, including close-ups of the
design, are at

we got dirt hills piled up and put planks on em and connected them with big boxes, little boxes, 2x4s, we took crates and turned them so they are standing up and dug holes in the ground and put them there…
ill get more pics up later…
we were still building when we took this pic…

we got dirthills connected by boxes of all size, 2x4s, crates turned to the up position and dug in the ground, rail road tyes, we jump of boxes we build and yeah…we took this pic when we were building

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