I’m not in the mood to leave my house right now.

FYI, pallets stacked behind a store are not “free firewood” unless they’re explicitly labelled as such. Be wary when taking some, as it could be considered theft.

Such pallets are property of the store, or the store’s suppliers. Someone had to pay for them, and that someone is likely in the process of reusing them.

that is why you always ask first.

If I take them and but a label that says “Property of Ganon” then they can’t take it because that would be stealing from me.

but there not really yours
tip for smoothing out land: only smooth what you have to level places to put ramps but not the places in between or put plywood down to cover up the small bumps

That’s a great idea. I might just do that.

I’m from georgia as well…alpharetta georgia…where are you in georgia?


hmmm your user title is fairly accurate.

you have somthing in commen with shakespeare then!:wink:

you would have to be an idiot to take em if there wasn’t a sign up or you didn’t have permission…so that post was entirely pointless.

and what if you just take them
and the security guard catches you
and tells you theres more over there but he didn’t tell you that?? then what?

cant forget about barrels and metal shopping carts…or pieces of pipe…or use the trees themselves in the woods after you tear them down or if there are any ones that are already fallen down…

For what?

use your imagination…

you forgot power cabel spools…

ah and you can’t have a unipark without a staircase…

some rails…

poles to jump to, gaps, twisted skinnys, round skinnys(trees would work!) and a million other things…

at first i would build within my ability range, then start to push it a bit–theres no point if you can’t ride the park, but its even worse if you aren’t chalenging yourself a bit

i meant to take em and let them catch you…and no one would hire a guard for some palates…

cable spools are supposed to be really good, i have no experience with them, but pallets are good for more than laying flat :wink: :wink:

you may want to look into some north shore stuff if you have a big enough area with some decent slopes, there are many threads devoted to different northshore objects, almost all of which can be built entirely from pallets.

Could you give me a link, Cuz I can’t find anything.

cable spools are awsome, what do you mean “really good”?

i have a couple huge ones-like 4 feet high and really sturdy, i can’t do anything with em without a step or somthing(laying em on their side is good too…


sounds like a real good idea
only problem i can think of is that if the council owns the land, and find out you’re tearing down trees and erecting a course, they might be a little less than happy…

+1 for cable reels, i don’t have any at the moment but plan to have about 4 in a couple of days, also want one for a coffee table, that would be ace :sunglasses: .

I got that covered. My Filthy Rich cousin owns the land. And they can’t hate me. :stuck_out_tongue:

here some use of logs
and here
I hope thats enough:)

That’s cool. I am gonna stop by Ace today and ask if they have anything they want to throw out.