There are these woods near my house that no one ever goes too, So I am going to clear out some land and put all my ramps in there and call it a unipark. It is like a unicycle skate park. I make some sick ramps, and a unipark is something I have been dreaming of for a long time.

And a lot of fresh air:D
Try pallets:p


crate things from stores, they are made of wood…
u shuld put some 2x4s to ride on in there too but they have to be a few feet above the ground…

Where you from bro?

yea were are you from??? croses fingers and mutters, please be near me, please be near me

Georgia. Sorry all non GA guys

Thats in america isnt it :frowning:


Well I only have room for about two ramps right now, and I am planning on clearing off more land. I don’t even have to spend a cent! My neighbors are donating the materials for the ramps. But the ground is still really bumpy and I need to smooth it out. Does anybody have ideas? And what all can you do with pallets?

you stack pallets, resulting in platforms to jump to, or off of, and also you can neatly fit a 2x4 in the holes on the sides, so you can extend skinnies off to ride on. Great fun with pallets, go to lowes or home depot and ask if you can have some, sometimes they’re free.

Ok Thanks. I am going to do that right away.

grab some for free behind your local hardware store.
usually there is a sign that says “free firewood” or somthing of that nature, i only use em for that after they break or start to rot…

Oh, thanks. I gotta go pick some up.

you sayed you were going to do that like 10 mins ago, so get going!

you might have to pay like 25 cents apeice for em, but giving em away is still cheaper than dumping em so you could get lucky…

I’m not in the mood to leave my house right now.

FYI, pallets stacked behind a store are not “free firewood” unless they’re explicitly labelled as such. Be wary when taking some, as it could be considered theft.

Such pallets are property of the store, or the store’s suppliers. Someone had to pay for them, and that someone is likely in the process of reusing them.

that is why you always ask first.

If I take them and but a label that says “Property of Ganon” then they can’t take it because that would be stealing from me.

but there not really yours
tip for smoothing out land: only smooth what you have to level places to put ramps but not the places in between or put plywood down to cover up the small bumps