Trails/street unicycle?

Hi there, ive just started riding a unicycle about 2 months ago. i can ride pretty well and do 1 & 1/2 foot drops and ride one footed, hop and mount the unicycle without holding onto anything.

this is the unicycle i have at the moment ( a raleigh unicycle £71.99) im not stupid enough to pay that price for such a poor quailty unicycle by the way haha i only paid £43 pounds with staff discount :slight_smile:

i rebuilt the wheel with an aluminum rim and saved 200 grams :smiley: so it weighs 5.6Kg now which isnt to bad considering its a steel frame.

im looking to get a trails/street unicycle in a couple of weeks so its between the KH20 or the nimbus X street. i can go down a 5 stair set and small drops (1 & 1/2 foot) i like riding street but also want to learn trails so was wondering if the nimbus is ok for trials if i get longer cranks on it? but would stil be strong enough to cope with big drops when i advance in skill… oh and by the way im about 5’5 and weigh 9 stone.

heres a link to the nimbus if you dont know which one a mean -

any advice on which is the best one to get for trails/street riding would splendid and very kind!

i welded a bit of box tube i had laying around to put my foot on for one footed riding although i normally just keep my foot off the frame.

that is the rim i put on it. it was just laying around at work its used but not to bader condition and saved some weight. and yes the rim valve hole is not in the right place i was in a rush with it so didnt notice. i have just completed the advanced wheel building course at cytech.

thanks alot,

Chan. :wink:

Sorry to say this, but this is the worst unicycle i have ever seen (even after the Black African :smiley: )
You realy need a new one yeah.
The uni you show will be good for flatland, only needs new cranks with beter q-factor. Qu-ax trials ISIS will do.
Or you can buy a KH and switch those cranks to the Qu-ax trials as well.
Then you have a light and cool uni.

Peter M

What you’re looking to buy is this.
It is by no doubt the thing to buy right now. The other unicycle you linked to is the same make, however has a smaller diameter seatpost which will not give you many options when you break it (that’s just something natural that generally happens to stock seatposts.

As it stands, the Nimbus ISIS trials certainly has a good reputation and people have yet to find a significant flaw. And, for only £168!

Might I ask where in the UK you are?

ahhh i see ok well thanks for the tip there mate. hmm i like that trails nimbus one (that you linked to) how gooder quality is it though? i get a nice big pay check next month so i will probably buy a kh20. as i cant really afford any unicycle at the moment (too much christmas shopping haha)

im from the south east in kent :slight_smile: what about you?

thanks alot.


Crudely, the nimbus trials ISIS is the best thing to buy. It is certainly in the league of the KH20, if you were to upgrade the cranks it comes with to these, which come stock on the KH20. (you can just phone and ask them to prepare that for you)

Of course, if you have the money and want to get a KH20 because it’s 0.1kg lighter, you like it’s style, or you just want it - then that’s great! I can tell you that I love mine and have yet to fault it :smiley:

I live in essex, in clacton.

Here is a review of the Nimbus ISIS trials (upgraded cranks and other parts), that you may be interested in. Upgraded the way it is, it’s probably the best thing you could want, especially in terms of strength.

Im gonna buy that one, with black frame: im gonna just melt the metal and tranc form it to a flat frame, like kh fram, an then i wil buy a kh nav, with out spokes. and a new seat of course :smiley: and i wil spray the nav Black, it wil be so cool! im gonna get picz later when i have completed it :stuck_out_tongue:

Honestly, please stop spamming the forums - or write properly so people can understand you.

I agree.^^

rct3, i shall join in the chourus of Nimbus ISIS, w/ moments. i wish it was out when i got my uni, and will soon build mine up to bethe same as they are.

hate to say it, but yur not really not one to talk. youve been bett lately, but you still have done yur share.

ok back to unis…srry guys

that really has impressed me now with the review you linked to aswell so thanks very much for that. next month ill get one with moment cranks and ill definetly get a carbon seat base and i can get some nice sealed pedals at work for cheap.

thanks alot dude thats a great help.



what? link a thread that I have done that in.

You shouldn’t be giving advice if you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Have you ever ridden either a KH or a nimbus? Have you been able to fully test one, and see it’s faults? If not, stfu. I see you as a overposter who is new to the sport and that sprinkles shit merrily around. If you want a high number post count, go to MR and go wild.

You kinda TRY and say advice to every thread you see. Which is nice…if you had actual HELPFUL advice for people, but I doubt you have experience w/ half the stuff.

who are you talking about? I have seen more than one pointless post in this thread…

Are you guys talking about me?

You mainly, and others as well.

Fine! haha okay. ill try.

what? link a thread that I have done that in.

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srry for futher threadjacking

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srry for futher threadjacking

That means Bring up this thread, I wanted to know more…