Nimbus ISIS (upgraded) Review

Uni Specs:


As a whole, this unicycle is definitely a winner and a steal at that. Assuming you don’t upgrade to the carbon fiber seatbase this unicycle is significantly cheaper than the stock KH and just as strong - if not stronger due to the undrilled rim and solid hub. Its even possible to get this unicycle with the KH cranks and the CF base all together for $100 less than a stock KH trials unicycle; the weight savings in the seat will most likely make up for the trivial weight increase due to the steel frame and provide you with a much more durable ride.

As a whole its VERY light, especially with my Scott Wallis CF base and Thomson post. Compared to the Torker DX which I was previously riding it feels almost as if this weighs half as much - however, I’m aware that in reality its only two or three pounds lighter.

The new Nimbus 2 frame is excellent, it now has machined bearing holders which are designed to properly fit the 42mm bearings of an ISIS (and most other splined setups excluding Torker and Profile) hub. Despite being steel this frame feels very light. The crown is wide enough to provide plenty of foot room but at the same time is narrow enough to keep your knees from hiting. The frame’s clearance above a Maxxis creepy crawler tire is an incredibly tight 10mm, making it excellent for crown tricks and flatland.

Previously I had been riding the 125mm long zero-offset Torker DX Trials cranks. Upon switching to my new uni with the 137mm long KH moment cranks with offset (increased q-factor) I noticed a distinct difference. At first it felt as if because of the offset the cranks were bent as it causes significantly more wheel wobble as riding. However after a short while your body adjusts and you begin to truly appreciate the increased control - especially during SIF hopping due to your wider stance. The 137mm length is also noticeably slower than the 125mm and I would not want to go any longer on a street uni though I definitely appreciate the increased leverage for jumping and the longer length make flip tricks much easier to kick around. Landing flip tricks on the longer length also feels much more comfortable - its not quite something I can explain though Spencer agrees and it just has to be experienced. The cranks feel super tough and definitely lighter than the Torker cranks.

There isn’t a whole lot I can say about the hub however its certainly light and is holding up great. I’ve launched numerous six sets and flipped several three to four sets and it is holding up awesomely.

The Odyssey Twisted plastics have always been my favorite all around pedal, they are super and have plenty of grip. They are also relatively shin friendly if you leave home without your leg protection.

Wallis CF Base + Thomson Post:
In my opinion, this is the single best upgrade any street or trials rider and get after a splined hub. The whole setup is completely rigid, there is no flex whatsoever. This really benefits all aspects of riding a provides a totally different ride. It gives infinitely closer control over the unicycle and you no longer have to worry about snapping your plastic base or steel post over a botched crankflip landing.

Not much to say here other than after a few weeks of abuse it’s holding true. Though the rim is wider than the Alex DX-32 of the Torker trials uni, the only complaint I have about this unicycle is that I wish this rim was even wider.

I finally have a setup that I’m perfectly pleased with and I didn’t even end up paying all that much. I fully believe that this is one of the best options out there for both beginners who know they want to get intro street and trials and experts riders. If you’ve got any questions please ask!

Awesome writeup Brian.

I’m totally jealous haha.

Yes Thanks for the review. Enjoy your ride.

Questions: HOw much all up?
Where do you live because I just want to know how much that costs in Aus dollar?

$50 - crank upgrade
$12 - seatpost clamp
$12 - shipping - estimated
$125 - Scott Wallis CF base (undrilled)
$15 - priority shipping on the base
$80 - thomson seat post
$11 -oddessy twisted PC

$560 USD Although he got some good deals so it was not really this high.
$632.492 AUD

Awesome, that is definately my next unicycle right there.

Great write-up!

Thats pretty close, I only paid $45 on the new thomson post from the trading forum though they are just as cheap on ebay. The uni itself cost less because I didn’t need the stock seatpost or saddle (I had a spare fusion cover, some foam and handle/bumper.) The crank upgrade also cost me less because UDC honored an erroneous price they had originally listed. The total ended up being around $435 including all shipping costs.

Oh and I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at UDC for helping me get this uni together and honoring their mistakes by giving me the prices even when they are taking a financial hit for it. I want to give a special thanks to Tim in particular, he was a huge help in making sure it all went smoothly and I really believe that without him UDC US wouldnt be at the level they are at now.

If you are okay with not having the amazing adjustability of the Wallis base and the lightness+strength of the thomson, a cheaper option would definitely be to get the UDC CF base and a CrMO post which will be heavier but perfectly strong for most people.

If you are okay with not having the amazing adjustability of the Wallis base and the lightness+strength of the thomson, a cheaper option would definitely be to get the UDC CF base and a CrMO post which will be heavier but perfectly strong for most people.

thats a sweet deal, most likely my next uni unless something thats really good comes out next year.

Did you have this uni when Phil was up riding with you. If so, did he get to try it, and how did he like it?

Anyways, If I wasnt able to get the 07 KH for $320 id probably be buying this uni.

Any video coming soon?

im getting this uni for christmas.ive been planning on it for a while now.

So am I, if I cant get it before. :roll_eyes:

So am I! but for my birthday November 26. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky my birthday is in june. :frowning:

When Phil was here I didn’t have the new uni, but I had the CF+Thomson on my Torker. I rode with AgentQ last week and his first impression of it was that it was really light.

I’d love to get a video out there but I don’t have a video camera. :frowning:

I removed the nimbus stickers and UDC badge and just uploaded some more pictures of it:

::creams pants::


ive already posted here but it deserves another :roll_eyes:

That is seriously a killer uni, it is dead set the best and I am so envious. Once you powdercoat it (read in another thread somewhere) it will look awesome.