Nimbus ISIS (upgraded) Review

Sweet looking ride! How do you like it over the older hub/cranks, like the KH 2006 ones? Not that I’ll be buying a new uni anytime soon at all (alas :’()

Thanks, the only older style KH hub/cranks that I’ve ever ridden were yours Nick and I’d say these feel more solid. Being solid blocks of aluminum rather than hollow tubes of steel gives them a much better feel in my opinion. Though one advantage the old style KH cranks have is that you can use spacers between the bearings and the crank to give yourself more room to stand on the cranks for flatland tricks; this isn’t possible with ISIS hubs because they are tapered. From what I’ve read though the new ISIS hubs/cranks are holding up better in comparison to the old KH setups - not to mention that they are lighter.

AH! I should’nt have opened this thread again. Now I need to change my pants…

That looks so much cooler with the primo sticker than the udc badge.
Have you weighed it yet im wondering how it compares to kh with all the mods.

I’m curious about its weight as well, though unfortunately I don’t have a proper scale to find out.

nice review i might get that uni + the kris holm cranks once im done with my LX

did you just pry off the UDC badge…did it leave a mark underneath, as in did you put a sticker over to cover it?

I want to take mine off but if there is something ugly underneath then i’ll wait until i have a suitable sticker.

Anyway, very nice uni…i am slowly going to upgrade mine to something like that…once my skills and bank account improve :slight_smile:

It looks like the sticker is slightly lower ~ 1/2" than the badge unless its just the angle of the picture

The badge just has a very very strong adhesive on the back, if you use pliers and are careful not to scratch your frame with them you can remove the badge without any markings. There is no trace of it afterwards so I’m not covering up anything with the sticker, it just looks cool in my opinion.

Ok thanks, it certainly does look cool, I will eventually put a sticker of my own on there but at least i can take away the badge now. thanks

just a question how do u feel this would compare with a koxx devil

looks like my Nimbus street

This will be lighter and stronger. All in all its a better deal especially if you get the CF base and KH cranks as I did - though it seems nothing can really beat the koxx street cranks for flatland right now. However, if you do go with the street cranks it seems the general consensus would be to not go too big on your drops or sets.

FYI, The stock Nimbus trials ISIS with plastic Torker LX pedals (not ready for those aluminum ones yet). Is 11.75 lbs (5.33 kg). So probably figure right around 12 lbs with the pedals that come with it.

If thats accurate then my uni is a good deal lighter than a stock KH, wohoo! Thanks for the info.

That’s 100% bamf, if your uni is lighter than a kh I would never have a reason to get one… stock anyways.

I’ll double check, but my scale has been very accurate.

It was spot on with my new baby boy! (9lbs 2 oz) :smiley: That’s what the doctor said.

I realize it’s hard to trust internet “facts” so I’ll definately confirm it and provide the evidence, or correction if need be.

You weighed it with plastic pedals. Stock KH comes with aluminium pedals. Metal pedals are heavier than plastic ones as a rule.

Still, cool on nimbus, but I wonder how they compare without the pedals.

That’s true.
I wonder how heavy the pedals and cranks are on the KH. Seems like the KH would still be lighter because of the drilled rim and alloy frame.

Even though I’m quite certain and I’m confident in the accuracy of my scale, there is a slight possibility that I made a mistake when reporting the weight. I might have said 11.75 when the scale said 12.75 (still not a bad weight). Because heres the deal, the scales display is pounds/ozs and it read; 11lb 12oz, or was it 12lb 11oz. :thinking: Okay this is killing me and I can’t get home until after work to verify.


UPDATE: Called my wife and had her weigh the Nimbus Trials ISIS with plastic LX pedals. She used our digital bathroom scale, she weighed herself with and without the unicycle and subtracted her weight.

RESULT: 11.7 lbs (5.3 kg). I’ll post “proof of life” pics tonight when I get home :D.

I’ll, pull the pedals and weight it too, any other requests?