Nimbus/ kh moment cranks

So I’m looking at upgrading from my torker dx, but I’m not sure wether to get a kh 07 or a nimbus with kh moment cranks. I heard the nimbus with the kh cranks is pretty popular now days. So I looked on udc and saw there is three trials 20in nimbus unicycles.

The people that are buying the nimbus and upgrading the cranks, what unicycle are you using. I heard that whatever unicycle you are choosing is actually lighter than the kh. Cause if its the $265 one thats a way better deal than the kh.


I’m personally a big fan of nimbus and think KH’s are overpriced. I got a nimbus ISIS with a KH street saddle and KH moment cranks and I think this is the best option for a trials uni. Way cheaper and only slightly heavier (because of the $40 nimbus frame not the $200 KH frame).

So yeah, I reckon you should definitely upgrade the cranks and probably upgrade to a KH seat although some people prefer nimbus seats.

Anybody else agree?

Also another question, how do people like the double drilled kh moment cranks where you can switch the pedals around to different sizes. Because I like doing street but I would also like the option of some long cranks for trials.

Double holed cranks are designed for muni. For trials 150mm is too long. I do street and trials and I love the 137mm length. I used to ride 125mm and I prefer 137mm for sure.

Nimbus ISIS are very cheap on UDC US compared to most other UDC’s if you look at all the exchange rates and prices. I’d say go for the nimbus unless you want a light frame.

If I ever wanted to upgrade to a kh frame would it fit onto the nimbus.

150’s aren’t that bad, it’s what I ride on my trials. At first I thought it would affect my rolling hop length and stuff like, but they really aren’t bad. The torque is also fantastic, I’ve got the very edge of my tire where my axle is not even above the ledge, but your able to pull yourself up. Another this nice about this is the lack of a buck when jumping up stuff which I got alot with rolling ups on my dx. So for absolute trials 150s are tolerable and offer some big advantages. For a mix though go with 137’s, they seem to be the best choice.

Nimbus with kh cranks is a top notch uni and I recommend it to everybody wanting to upgrade.

Yes. But you would also need to buy a 27.2mm seatpost as the nimbus frame takes 25.4mm seatposts. So basically if you think you may want to upgrade the frame later on it’d be cheaper to buy the KH instead of the nimbus.

I think the only parts where the stock KH is better than the stock nimbus ISIS are the cranks, seat, rim (KH is wider), and frame.

Do you hit the pedals on the ground when turning? I’ve never ridden anything longer than 137mm but 150 just seems so long.

Thanks for all your input, I think I’m going to go with the nimbus with 137mm cranks, kh street saddle, and how great are the pedals that come with the nimbus?

They’re the only metal pedals I’ve ever used but they seem pretty good to me. They have more pins than snafu’s I think.

You may want to wait for other people’s input before you buy as this is only my oppinion. But yeah there are loads of other threads about nimbus ISIS 20" unicycles. This is the best: Nimbus ISIS (upgraded) Review

Or he could buy a shim.

Are those good? I thought they are only for 22.2mm seatposts. I have a crappy 29" with a 22.2mm seat post and I’m getting a muni with 25.4mm and I might get a shim so I can have a free ride saddle for my long distance rides.

Shims come in many sizes.

Sorry this has got slightly off topic. Does an average bike shop have a shim that could convert a 22.2mm seatpost to 27.2mm? What’s the standard bike seatpost size?

Dual drilled cranks are not good for trials and street, the dual holes compromise the strength.

I can’t vie for any other of the unis, but I recently got a Nimbus Trials and love it. I upgraded from a torker lx.

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Average bike shops may or may not have that size–more likely at a shop that deals a lot with bmx bikes, as they’re the most likely bikes to have a 22.2 post. All you need to do is call around, and ask if they have a shim to go from 22.2 to 27.2. If they don’t, they can order one for you; or you could try They usually run around US$7-10.

Are you a street or trials rider? If you plan on ever getting into tech street (or even just crankflips), I would definitely go KH. It is lighter for one, which is quite important for techy stuff, but isn’t all that noticeable for everything else. The biggest problem with the nimbus, however is the frame. If you get then nimbus II frame (the first one you have listed) then be prepared to tear the pantlegs of every single pants you ride with. I have ridden the nimbus 2 uni once and both pantlegs got ruined just in that ride. I also have a similar shaped frame and that also ruined a pantleg almost every ride. If you go for the street frame, then that weighs more, but even worse, be prepared to bend a post every ride. I literally have bent 2 or 3 22mm posts in one day. The last one you listed costs i think $200 more than a kh does and has a round frame. If you want to do tech street… a kh is better by a long shot.

With trials or big street, it really doesn’t matter much between the normal nimbus 20 or the KH.

P.S. same applies for flatland with the tech street part. And remember, many don’t know this but KH frames do have a warranty.