Trails/street unicycle?

i really like my nimbus 20" trials with isis. I say you get it.:smiley:

That means Bring up this thread, I wanted to know more…

srry…didnt know that “lingo”

post #5

like i’ve said, you’ve been bett lately, but you have had some rediculous, pointless, and annoying posts

If you read the one before that it says put your name here. I just put my name there with a smiley face.

No, Miles didn’t remember what the frame was called so he wrote “someone please insert the name here” meaning the name of the frame. He didn’t type a whole post about frames then randomly say “type your name here.”

I know. Its a joke.

Add Unidooddx to your ignore list.

why. that aint right.


This one

nimbus ISIS w/ kh cranks. considerably cheaper than the kh20 and most likely just as good.