Koxx signature vs Dm ringmaster advanced?!

hi all!

I’m looking around for building a new freestyle uni. (yup it’s Xmas and new year)

My current uni is a ‘custom’ dm ringmaster advanced, but i’ve noticed that koxx came out with a ‘new aluminium version’ of this dm frame, the koxx signature… wich makes me very interested because it will make the frame a lot lighter i think…

But what about the durability, is the frame strong enough because of the alu material?

Some experience, reviews of this frame would be helpfull :wink:

ps: i want to make a very light freestyle uni.
Koxx signature frame,
alu 102mm cranks,
carbon seat,
alu seat tube,
48 spoke wheelset (i’m still not sure wich setup, but 48 spokes is a must for me)
primo to the wall tire,
Mks pedals,

dm (chromed steel):

koxx (alu):

I have absolutely no knowledge of freestyle unis. I appologize that I am not adding anything interesting etc etc.

Why do you want 48 spokes if you want to conserve weight?
Another option is to get a triton sponge frame. Talk to Dmitry about making a long neck. Triton are wizards when it comes to working with titanium.

Just a thought:) .

I’m sorry that I’m not exactly posting reliable information, but I’ve heard that the signature (and black domina) frames are both pretty weak. I’ve seen a couple broken dominas, and because the signature frames are the same design I’d assume that they would have the same flaws.

I’m also curious to hear why you like 48 spokes.

another option would be to get one of the custom made titanium freestyle frames from this company whose name I forgot. I know Ntappin had been going to get one. someone please insert the name here :wink: [___________]



do you mean the triton sponge frame? Because although it is the coolest frame ever it would suck for advanced freestyle, because it doesn’t have a flat crown or at least the forky crowns (think nimbus2 for koxx free tricks). As for the signature frame I’m not really sure about how good it is, I imagine it would be good but i’ve never ridden it so i don’t know.

sorry i couldn’t be of any more help, maybe try to find someone sortof close to you with one that yu could try.

No, I don’t, I mean this frame which I just found again.


oh wow never mind i just thought triton cause its a ti frame. But wow that titanium frame you posted looks sick only problem i can see is the lollipops but that dosen’t even really matter since alot of freestyle frames aare lollipops and this ones ti so even better:p

lollipop bearing holders are actually pretty great if they are made well.

that makes sense i guess just from my experience with them and there general reputation i sort of grew to stay as far away from them as possible. Also i suppose they would free up some space on the cranks although thats not so important on a freestyle.

Triton makes custom frames. If you gave dmitry an idea, he will make it for you, with life-time warranty. He has made loads of stuff, so give him an email.

I believe Miyata also makes ti frames, w/ lollypop bearings. Freestyle and trials. The trials looks like sponges.

The reason for why i want 48 spokes is that, in these years i’m riding freestyle, i haven’t got good experience with 36spoke wheels. (i mean spokes that were ripped out more easily, the rim was bending faster, the spokes were making a lot of noise time after time, even after my wheel was fixed… this was not only on my unis, but also on my friends’)
It’s also due to my riding style : i’m practicing a lot of kickup mount variations an do a lot of 1m² tricks where the wheel has to resist to a lot of power.

In my calculation, i would save already up to 2 kg (with a 36spoke wheelset) in comparison to my dm. Wich is quite good i think. So that allows me choosing a more heavier, but also a more rigid 48 spoke wheel.

Also a big plus is that the koxx one frame has a ‘bearing distance’ of 100mm, which is a bit more than the dm (90mm) and alows for building a more rigid wheel.

I’m not really afraid of the weldments, but more about bending the long ‘neck’.

Anyway, I’ll also have a look at these miyata frames, and maybe letting build a custom one. (but i think that’s to much money for me)

just to warn you, if the signature frame broke, it would snap, not bend because it’s aluminum.

I think you are getting too worried about frame snapping.

Yes frames HAVE broken, often from people being overly abusive to them. Another thing is that pretty much all frames HAVE broken at some point, and pretty much the only frame that has a pattern of breaking is the DX frame, which is now fixed.