Today I Landed...

Today i landed som 360’s unispin, and was close to 360 unispin to wheel walk :smiley:


today i landed first ever unispin

had a cool street-day:p

today landed wrap arounds with my unnatural foot and I landed those things where you jump up onto the tire and then as you jump off you do a 180 unispin and then land on the pedals, I don’t know what the name is for them. I’m also working on 180 unispins on the tire and front cranks rolls from the cranks.

360 Unispin to varial roll to 180 sidespin:p


Everyone Loves Raymond is on!

Today I thought i would try one of those, and the next thing that happened was me finding myself on the floor with a knee smashed into it. :smiley:
No more unicycling in any of the school breaks that day.
Btw, how many of ye ride your uni to school and practice in the breaks?

I do :smiley:

sometimes but not very often, but tomorrow is one of those days:D

I ride unicycle to school sometimes, but i never practise in the brakes cause we should wear helmet, shineguard m.m :frowning:

180 Jump Mounts!!

My first 180 unispin today. Fate tried to throw in some bad luck, but I refused to accept it. :sunglasses:

today I landed a 360 side spin mount. I also got my zero plant kicks a lot faster so I landed a double zero plant so hopefully I’m going to start working on crankflips soon:D

Landed a superman mount(actually kicked pretty far out too) almost landed a 180 sidespin, and SOOO close to rolling wraps, I got the second leg around and it kind surprised me and my foot slipped off.

After landing my first unispin yesterday, I landed 6 in a row today. And they were clean. Well, mostly.

Vids, please, or post in the Today I… (brag thread)

My new stuff.:smiley:

Mr. Eli Brill you just inspired me to land some new tricks! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice job dude!!!

A part of me expected you to do the 270-360-450 hopless. Your improving way fast man.

I landed some new stuff this weekend:

Blind 180 flip
90/90 to 360 inspin
push and mush to wrap-walk
flip to dekket
sex change
Fakieflip second try
180 doubleflip little sketchy
Inward wrap-walk
Doubleflip with 1 hand
180 unispin on the tire
2x 180 unispin on tire
Kick up mount to 270 unispin
Full out spin with 2 hands
Sideways wheel walk

Almost landed flip to sideways wheel walk
Almost landed full outflip with 2 hands