Today I Landed...

wow that 540 sidespin was clean. 3 spin to varial roll to outside roll was cool too.

thanks, my foot hit the tire though…:o

nice :astonished: :wink:

Thanks for the comments guys:D

nice but didn`t your foot toch the ground by 3spin wrap walk backroll?
now go for bigger combos 3spin varielroll 3spin;)

:astonished: great!!! :astonished: I like your videos :roll_eyes:

Nope it was really close, but I went through in slow motion on my camera and it doesn’t touch:p

I’m going to get this a little bit better before I move on hahaha, it’s really hard.:wink:

Sweet combos. The varial roll to outside roll one was sweet.
You can hear your foot hit the ground on the first one though

Thanks, but I’m almost positive it doesn’t. I have an extremely loud unicycle, maybe the noise was something else??

Edit: I think that’s my other foot hitting the frame or something. Pause right when you hear the noise, it isn’t even close to the ground.

Yeah your foot hits the ground on the 3 spin in the 3 spin to rolling wrap to backroll combo. I paused it a couple of times and listened to it and it definitely hits. Its like that one time when we were playing uni and you did something and it hit and you thought it didnt but then you tried it again and did the same thing.

If you didn’t touch the ground, then you definately touched your tire. That could have made the sound.

Eli Toetouch.jpg

Kinda hard to tell from the camera angle. Looks like some of his foot is on the tire and the rest might be on the ground. I guess it doesnt matter I’ve seen him do them without even getting close to the ground.

It might have touch the tire, but I’m so sure that it didn’t touch the ground. That picture is not helping me out though:p

Oh well, I have landed them where my foot didn’t touch the ground, even if the video isn’t the best example…:o

I don’t care if it did. It was still a really cool combo

made a little video today here is it:



awesome flat! some of those combos were sick:)

thanks (start handyflipping ;))

hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

this week i`m getting a kendama so i might stop handyflipping :roll_eyes:

today I landed a 270 unispin onto the tire.