Today I Landed...

Okay this thread is for videos of tricks that you landed today that you don’t feel deserve their own thread:)

BTW this is aimed at people around my age who aren’t extremely good

I’ll post my 360 unispin when I get it. :slight_smile:

I think this thread could really take off.

nice thread, i´ll post vids when i land something new.

I am going to abuse the crap out of this thread. there will be thousands of clips of me in here I think:p

yeah elib i also think so :smiley: and i hope you will get better soon
today i landed invardsmallflips:D (but i havent filmed it)

thanks haha. inward smallflips nice. can’t wait to see that.

there’s too much snow here to ride!

eli think i will film it tomorrow :roll_eyes: but it isn`t much heavier then a normal treyflip and it took me only 10 min or less:D

never tried it. can’t wait to see it. they look awesome.

where can i see one ?


sorry for my bad english but it wasn´t importent;)

Today I landed … absolutely nothing

There is a hole in my head!

today i landed my first crankflips… the one i filmed was far from clean, but it wasn’t that bad:

:smiley: cool song, nice flip. Much cleaner then my first.

I wish my first crankflips were like that!

Wow! Thanks guys!
The song is:
Sonic Syndicate - Ruin :slight_smile:

nice flip!!!

Today, I landed…

“Lets see whats on the forums… dodododododo, oh jackies posted. nice flip… today i… cool a video… “Jackies dea-” ooh not again… (loading…) hmmm snowy… uh-OHMYF***GOD LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!”