Today I Landed...

I landed this tricks this weekend

Inward wrap-walk :stuck_out_tongue:
Doubleflip with 1 hand :stuck_out_tongue:
180 unispin on tire
2x 180 unispin on tire :stuck_out_tongue:
outflip :stuck_out_tongue:
Kick up mount to 270 unispin
Full out spin :stuck_out_tongue:
Flip to tire
sideways wheel walk
Blind 180 flip :stuck_out_tongue:
90/90 to 360 inspin
push and mush to wrap-walk :stuck_out_tongue:
sex change :stuck_out_tongue:
Fakieflip second try :stuck_out_tongue:
180 doubleflip little sketchy :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks, nice to hear.:slight_smile:

I’m working on it. I can almost get the 270-360 without hops, but after that i’m kinda stuck. :roll_eyes:


DUde i landed a hick double today on flat! haha i dono not to big but yeah sorry i should’ve put in “Today I Brag…”

Holy crap, I’ve been trying those for weeks. Sick, can you get a vid of it?

There are others, but those were my favorites:p

hahaha i hear spongebob in the background and in the third one you got a text message. probably from me :smiley:

yeah lol it was you

Yeah I can get it around if i don’t the rollo’s hurt sometimes haha ill go get it on film and a couple other things i did! :smiley:

Here it is:

clean. That looked crazy. and nice unicycle:D

haha thanks dude! they are wayyy fun! Trey Double Next! :smiley:

Just ride a little fast at the end jump really high and kick hard… i bet you know all that but thats what worked for me!

You’ll probly get it today or have you already got it?

I hear that you unicycle makes the same funny and annoying noices as mine :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

I landed trey doubleflip today ! :wink:
and i land it 4 times :slight_smile:

same here, it’s because of loose spokes.


I just landed a little “combo”: Bacroll - HoW - 270 unispin to pedals :smiley:

300 post :smiley:

You need to post videos, or these posts belong in the Today I…(brag thread).

And I only see 40 posts :thinking:

Midnight Shower!

I landed 2nd trick today.

really late, awesome. super clean rollout too. Sick.

It was number 300 post in this thread :smiley: