Today I... (brag thread)

Got 360 unispins and got one on film.

because I think I should save it for our video. :wink:

I found a cool gap to try this summer :

I also landed some nice lines on a manny pad.

Summer is looking awesome !


Kick-up Mount

Today I tried the kick-up mount for my frist time.
I practicied for maybe a total of 40 minutes today, and I can get it like 2 out of 5 times.
I am going to keep practicing this for the rest of the week.

I made my 4 stair all in 1 day!

Check it out!

Got 360 unispins and got one on film.

Crankflippes 170 cm over sticks
Crankflipped 215 cm off 7 cm drop (no sticks)

Back in the saddle

Rode my Nimbus 36, 4 miles. Yeah, I know, was riding 20 miles regularly last year, but that was before I got sick. Was extremely sick for 7 weeks beginning just before Christmas. Weather and health cooperated last weekend and I got out again for a ride last weekend, didn’t make a quarter mile, pedals felt rubbery because of lost muscle tone. This weekend made 4 miles. Nobody is more surprised then me that it is coming back so quickly.

If your gonna get real sick, winter is a good time. No use wasting summer sun. Don’t get too sick.

Gap from the roof to the road? Sick.

Exactly. You’ve got the Big Street eye ! :roll_eyes:

Nice, good luck. Looks like a big distance. How many stairs do you think it would be?

that is vast. good luck.

Rode 15 paces before falling on the pedestrian bridge I’ve been learning on. I also rode 8 paces before falling on gravel, starting from a cement post at the start of a trail between the bridge and the road.

(That is half way across the bridge, maybe 25 feet. Today was the first time I tried practicing not on the bridge.)

It’s really hard to tell, but I would say around 10-11. The problem is not really to clear it, I know I can do it quite easily. The thing is I will more than likely only have one attempt and I can’t choke. I will get kicked out of the spot in no time, the windows you see give on the dining room of a residence for old people. Plus, the landing is slanted. Did I talk about the run up ? Two and a half revolutions… :stuck_out_tongue:

One day…

270 off wheel from sib
bodyvarial to triple insideroll

i hate fifthflips :angry:
i can´t land them again :frowning:

I hate them too. I can’t land them to begin with.

When you were learning them, did it seem like you were really really close, but you just couldn’t land them? i’ve been getting my feet back to the pedals for like 2 weeks now :angry:

Ah yes, aren’t fifthflips terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

They took me a lot of being close before I landed them, and then they took forever to get to be remotely consistent.

Outsejflips are treating me the same way :(. So frustrating!

me too :angry: yesterday i landed about 15 fifthflips on both pedals, holding the saddle and rolled out off but i was to low and falled off it :angry: :angry:
today i hurt my left foot and landed a few but not rolled out and not jumping after it :angry: soooo close! and the most unkind thing is that i have even landed them:( (hope this is correct english)

how long did they take you (i mean fifthflips)??