Today I... (brag thread)

I think that I landed outfifths (I’ve never landed fifths) about 2-3 months after I thought I was close. I’m not sure if that’s exact, and I forgot how much I worked on them, but they were frustrating for sure.

They also get lost if you don’t do them for awhile. I suggest doing them on a regular basis after you land them.

that means that i should do them although i don´t land them and when i land them after a while i should do them regulary to get them consistant right?

ouch. I’ve been trying them for a while everyday for about 2 weeks now. I’m trying to figure out if it’s really worth it. Were your tripleflips like that too (easily lost)? I haven’t landed one since my first…:o

crankflip down a 3-set,

its my first flip down stairs so im excited :slight_smile:

I just worked on some static flat combos.

outspin-180 hoptwist-180 unispin
tire step over thing-180 to tire-180 on wheel-90

That was it, but I guess they looked pretty cool:)

I rode for the first time in shorts. It’s not that great.

I also did my first successful jump off a picnic table. :slight_smile:

Broke my handle while learning to sidespin :angry:
I was really close to them and to in-in treys but they will need to wait :wink:

You also filmed me, something REALLY fun to do :wink:

some double rolling wraps to backroll variations…

Yes. Even after you have them consistent, still do them.

Tripleflips are the kinda trick that only needs to be landed once. At least for me, as soon as I was able to say “I can tripleflip” that was enough for me. I don’t think it would be a problem doing another again, I have done some since my first, with few-one tries, but it’s not something worth doing often imo.

got some nice flatcombos and may fifthflips are way better without protectors:D

I’ve got one handed trips solid now. I used to think like that, but then when everyone is doing hick, 180, varial, sex and trey trips you’ll want to get better at them.
(just like sides, which i still suck arse at)

Don’t forget trey side triple :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I got pretty close to trey double and got my bigflips even cleaner.

Is there anyone who has done a treydouble without doing a hickdouble before?

Pele did Fullout dubs before hick, out and trey dubs.

today i did one of the funniest things ever

everyone in our school has started to call teachers rooms and hang up. (call our school, then dial extension, funny the first times, now boring)

well, we had a sub today in spanish, i have some really hilarious people in that class.

anyyyyyyway, we took the pranking thing to a new level. My friend (who has a phone) asked to go to the bathroom, i snuck out because the sub wouldnt let me go too, and we proceeded to call the school, dial the extension, and ask for the sub. We got our sub to say her full name in class (because we asked), which we needed for the call.

heres the call:
me: “hi, is linda ***** there?”
classmate on phone: “yeah, one minute”
Sub: “hello?”
Me: “hi is this linda ?"
sub: “yes…?”
Me: “can you please report to room B206” (room b206 doesnt exist in our school)
sub: “why…?”
me: (unprepared for that answer) "Mr. S
needs you"
sub: “why…?”
me: "could you please just report to Mr. S
sub: “this could be a prank but… okay…”
me: hangs up phone

in this few moments, my friend and I make it back to class, we see 4 or so students outside the class waiting and looking, and tell us that she left running.

we get back in, and she comes in right when we get near our desks (everyone is jumbled around talking so we weren’t obvious).

she then said “Mr. S***** is reading to his class, must have been a prank, now i gotta call the office”

she calls the office, gets the district office involved, and is told to not answer the phone. In the mean time of what was supposed to be phone silence, we recieve 2 calls (from another person pranking we think) and my friends delete their call list, and take their sim cards out so they cant be tracked or called.

woo… Whole class is laughing about it, and everyone looked at us when the other calls were coming and we just hold our hands up and say it wasnt us, because it wasnt.

hilarious, and the best part is, the girl who answered said that i sound like our principle hahaha…

'*'s used to substitute last names.

and then you rode away on your unicycle?

nah. It rained a lot today. But i did go to Best Buy and buy a Weezer album. :slight_smile:

Weezer! ROR!!! :smiley:

You don’t need to know triples to get those. Most of them use an entirely different movement, and are quite unrelated to normal triples. The only one that really needs strong triples as a prerequisite is the 180 triple.

Yeah I actually thought (before getting one handed triples consistant) to go straight to hicktriples.

Obviously totally diffrent. Its just a mind thing… You don’t learn treydoubles before you learn doubles… Landing on the cranks while their spinning that fast also comes to mind.