Today I... (brag thread)

i learnt to jump mount and side mount :slight_smile: almost sucide mount :roll_eyes:

Today I got new shoes.

Today i rode 16km in about 50 minutes.

I hopped up a two-stair set! Yay!:smiley: I’m getting better…

awesome stuff tyler. will have to have a go at that some time.

And started to shave my tire.
Cut off 3/4 of the knobs on my tire. Tomorrow I’m going to finish cutting and then smooth it out.

Dunno why you guys do this…

You should just ride more.

The knobs on the sides don’t ware out much. And it is extra weight :stuck_out_tongue:

In another thread he said that its a fixie. No coasting for him, unless he’s really talented.

Broke another f@%king seatpost!!!

landed a superman mount. i know its pretty basic but it felt good to get somthing accomplished

Unicycling with Petad

Yeah me and Petad went unicycling this weekend and it was pretty cool and muddy. We got a bunch of little kids hooked on unicycling and they’re all obsessed now. T’was pretty cool.

I finished shaving my tire

I crankflipped 163 cm and 190 cm off of a 5 cm drop.

whats the point of shaving your tire. :roll_eyes:

Saves weight and turning is smoother

sib to sif body varials
blind outflips
and something (that I think is) awesome…

can’t tell you. It’s going to be in an upcoming video;)

I rode a nice 36er ride on saturday night, then today I practiced some flat.
I did a bunch of my normal tricks
and I got my first 90-180-90-360 . I was only planning on doing a 90-180-90 but I had enough balance to do a 360 which was cool.

Practiced flatland and made some of my tricks cleaner.

another great day

  • crankflipped to one foot up a curb
  • almost landed a few varials(i could get my feet on but never rolled away)
  • attempted to grind my first handrail

y cant you tell what you landed?