The Worlds Youngest Unicyclist, Ziggy Cohen 2 1/2yrs old

The following feel good moment tops them all:D Not all dreams actually come true. I’m glad this one did.

Before long he’ll be cruising through Time Square just like his father :astonished:

It took a little,
Practice, Technique, Technique, Practice, Motivation, Practice, Patience, Patience, Patience, etc
To get him rolling!!!



that is AWESOME!

:astonished: <- there is me full of awe :slight_smile:

That’s so fantastic! Great job Ziggy and congrats! :smiley:

There is a girl on my team that started when she was 2. I’m not sure if it was early or late 2, but she is now 5 I think and can ride rather well (like she can ride sif and stuff).


Amazing! That kid deserves the coolest piggy back ride ever.

that kid shreds hard

If I ever have a kid, I’m shooting for 2.

Congrats, Adam; good job growing your own riding partners!

I notice that Ziggy is displaying the same recklous abandon in his riding as his father does in his ride through the streets of New York ;)(Mackenzie video)

Congrats to both of you on this achievement. I trust that cookies and milk were supplied to the new rider.

That is absolutely awesome! I can’t wait to see where Ziggy goes in a few years.

Thanks :sunglasses:
For his reward, he asked to have his uni powder coated blue. Now were both happy:D

I had previously heard the record was 18 months, which is still my target for my padawan learner :wink: Still, 2.5 is pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

Wow…he’s small! Great stuff. :slight_smile:

He’s better than me! :smiley:

Cool! Congratulations! That’s possibly the youngest rider I’ve ever seen live or on video. My favorite part? Mom/camera-operator’s reaction at the successful ride. Can Ziggy walk yet? Just kidding. My real question: Which was a bigger moment; that or his first steps?

Yes, the “known record” is 18 months, by Nikki Hall, daughter of the famous Mel Hall. In diapers. In front of an audience. In a circus ring, I believe. But I’ve never seen pictures or film. I have exchanged a couple of emails with her a few years ago, but then lost track of her…

and my parents think 4 is too young…

i need a saw…

Wow! I’ll have to show my sister this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe it will give her incentive to actually practice haha!

Wow! 18 months? That’s incredible!

I assume she was walking before then?

I kinda wish I started at such a young age :stuck_out_tongue:


Can she ride a bike yet?