The Uno (an electric unicycle)

It’s not quite an Embrio, and it’s much less of a unicycle than Trevor Blackwell’s E-Unicycle, but The Uno sure looks sexy.

Check the original article out here, or if you’re too impatient to wait for the page to load, check out this blog entry at Gizmodo.

Here’s a shot of the Uno in action.


I think I’ve seen pictures of people riding a gas motor of that.

those two links don’t work:o

you know its cool seeing all these pictures of this stuff, but are we EVER going to be able to buy any of this stuff?

probably not:( or it will cost the earth to buy lol, the links dont work btw.
that does look cool though

Nope. Probably not ever. …unless you comission one from one of these inventors at a price that’s likely to be way higher than you’re willing to spend.

…but mass produced and affordable? Never is my guess.

Yes, looks like something’s happened to the motorcyclemojo site, at least at the moment. But the Gizmodo link works, and there you can see some more pictures. It looks like what Batman would make if he needed a powered unicycle. Except it’s not really a unicycle, it’s a dicycle. Still looks like it would be fun though!

VERY impressive, considering the builder is only 18. And at first I thought it was silly to make it look so aerodynamic if it was just Segway-powered, but from what little was on the Gizmodo site, it appears to not necessarily be Segway hardware in there. That means it might have more powerful motors and a higher top speed!

It’s very cool indeed, but it’s not really anything new. It’s basically a motorcycle like frame attached to segway-like mechanics. …I wouldn’t be surprised if he borrowed heavily from Trevor’s code.

Still, it’s very impressive, and far cooler (and more dangerous!) than a Segway

I’ll just stick to this unitl the UNO or something similar can be mass produced and have a low production cost. :smiley:

One year, for vacation, I visited the future; and everyone was riding those things!

That thing’s beautiful, but is it actually usable? Very few motorized one-wheeled vehicles are. I’d love to know more about that one…

Technically, I find the eniCycle much better

To the naysayers,

That’s what they said about MANY inventions which are now household items.


That looks pretty nifty…Im really thinking about buying an electric unicycle before I go to college…It would be my way to get around…

I got to wait for some speed advances though:p

So what keeps you upright? Coz on a man powered unicycle it’s your feet being in direct control of the wheel that keeps you upright.

Wow, very cool! I had not seen that one before. And it’s a clean-air vehicle, even though the “author’s” name is Polutnik. :slight_smile:

Holy smokes, I cant wait until those are being sold.

I WANT AN eniCycle!!! that is awesome! it doesnt mention a price though, if it did i didnt see it anyway. and is that a KH seat??

Me either. But don’t hold your breath. Though the link on the site says “On Sale”, it only leads to some text about how one can license the technology or otherwise “invest” in the idea. Problem is, the cycles would be very expensive to manufacture, especially at first (in small numbers) so the early ones would probably cost several thousand dollars. And this high price will make it less likely for any investors to take the risk on making them, so it may just sit there.

You might be better off, at least in terms of the next few years, to try building your own based on Trevor Blackwell’s online specs.

My own video clip of Trevor. Note the street is not level; it’s downhill to the corner, then uphill on the way back.

There’s probably just the one, and it’s probably not for sale. …you might be able to comission one for the right price :slight_smile: