The ULTIMATE Interactive 36er Free Mounting Tutorial

This is my all new 36er free mount tutorial. Rather than make a standard, run of the “how to” video, I wanted to make it fun and entertaining, as well as informative. But at the heart of it is a totally new way to train yourself to free mount a 36er the first time and every time!

Hope you enjoy. :smiley:

This is the “timeline” to show how complex the edit was! So many clips arranged and re-arranged with cuts everywhere! My laptop was running so slow I had to wait almost a minute after each little edit for it to “catch up”.


That’s ridiculously complex, I would not have thought a video like that would be so complicated. That is such a cool concept Terry.

Thanks. And there’s about 40 seconds more timeline that didn’t fit in the screen capture! :slight_smile:

I and I am sure everyone here loves your videos and appreciates the effort you put into them.

Thanks as ever chap :slight_smile:

Thanks Feisty. The whole process of making videos has been a great therapy over the years. That’s why I’ve made so many; “Feeling lousy? Go ride and make a video of it!” :slight_smile:

Terry you sir are a gem!
I know the proper way to mount a 36 but old habits die hard.

I am certain this is what i need to re set the “muscle memory” for the big wheel, BRILLIANT!

Thank You

Thanks Glasshopper! I’m glad it helped. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the excellent and humorous tutorial, Terry. I’m going to see how many paper plates I can destroy tonight. :slight_smile:

Always a pleasure to watch your informative films.
Job well done! Thoroughly enjoyable as usual

just wish would rate them already… Thats it! If your getting more complex in your film making they would certainly rate a movie length episode right

Terry? any aspirations for a movie making yet?..

Under 3 mins i am still not satisfied :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been really helpful Terry, thanks. I’ve gone from 1 success in 10 to oh, maybe 1 in 3 if nobody’s watching (this is about as good as I ever did on my 29" anyway). The times when I have the lightest foot on the pedal seem to be the cleanest starts as well so I’ll keep practicing. No eggs were harmed.

Side note for other novices: I couldn’t free-mount or even ride the 36 when I first got it. Reading the forms made me realize it was set up for somebody with more skill though – simply switching to longer cranks (150mm instead of 125) made all the difference in the world. Suddenly it was a joy to ride and that encouraged me to learn how to mount it.

Anyway, thanks unigeezer… I can’t fall down w/o landing face-first on one of your awesome videos! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m so happy the tutorial has been helpful! :slight_smile:

Great! Terry. You have got serious teaching skills:) with loads of fun.

Thanks Terry!

I’m stuck at work, antsy to get home to try out this technique. Thanks, Terry, because mounting the 36 will improve my life drastically. Oh, how I wish I’d seen this before NAUCC.