The over 30's highjump video challenge

After Edd’s great video [THREAD=64269]challenge [/THREAD] a few weeks ago I though it would be good for us not so young guys to have a little video challenge ourself.

Basically it’s a highjump challenge. Static, rolling, seat in, seat out I don’t really care. The idea is to produce a interesting video based around jumping on a Unicyle.

I’m hoping by setting the challenge people will go out and try and jump higher than they have before (however small) while getting creative and making a cool video.

Oh and sorry youngun’s this is for the over 30’s, we need a chance you know :wink:

I’ve put my money where my month is and filmed a short video based around those ideas which i’ll upload if people are interested to set the ball rolling.

Let me know if anyone is interested (Terry i’m looking at you!)

Sounds interesting! But what about “super seniors” like me over 50? I’m more than old enough to be your father, (also Kris Holm!) persish the thought! :astonished: Ok what th hell…I’m in! :slight_smile:


Can be as short or as long as you like.

Is this all up only, or any down or gap stuff?

A jumping down highjump? :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure going over would work, just as long as youre getting your max height.

haha, I just thought maybe some down stuff would add variety, rather than just all up stuff.:slight_smile: (plus I’m terrible at jumping up to/on stuff)

Just give me 7.5 months and I’ll qualify!


I’ll join :slight_smile:

…I’ll get Louise to film me soon. Deadline?


I was thinking the main aim of challenge would be to make the single act of jumping the theme for the video sort of forcing people to try and be a little creative? Or do you thing that might be a little too restrictive? Obviously what goes up must come down!

You don’t have to be even any good at jumping (I can’t seat out at all) for the video to be entertaining.

As an example I’ll post my video (which I won’t enter) that I filmed in a morning. It’s nothing special in terms of skill and not really imaginative but I’ve tried to make it worth watching by adding in a bit of ‘stop motion’, and making it more of a personal story.

I’ve got a few ideas that people could use but I’ll see what you guys come up with!

Cool, Say 3 weeks? Longer if people need it.

Right click and down from

Hopefully we will get some much more creative (it’s not hard) videos that that!

‘Its fun!’

That was great, Neil! I would never be able to hop that high on my muni!

Pre hop up to 40cm, go on :wink: Your hopping prett high without one, should be easy. (btw, is that ausralia?)

Funny you mentioned that! Check the title of this one I made about 5 months ago; I put this quickie together from past videos, and it’s all “up” stuff…'till the end lol!

Bump! So is this on?

i am in i guess.

Nope sorry Tyler it’s 30 and over!:o

ohh whoops I saw the thirty right next to highjump and thought it meant 30 inches:) i forgot to read the whole first post

Don’t See why not although at the moment I think we have just you and Corbin so it’s up to you guys if you still fancy it.

Cheers Edd, if I was half the muni rider you are I’d be happy :wink:

Of all the weeks to loan out my trials uni!

I’m calling it back in so I can show you old fogies some real “ups”.

I don’t have any video software or schmancy camera, though… I’d ask Corbin to film me, but he’d probably edit out all my jumps that’re higher than his.