The over 30's highjump video challenge

Hello norry,

I really love the idea and I also love your crative videos.

The little story about your first unispin was extreme enjoyable and I sent it to many young people to give them the last motivation to land that dam little unispin.

But I’m afraid I can’t participate. My jumping sucks and I don’t really care about it. I’m more in learning tricks.
Otherwise I’m not creative enough to tell a little story and my editing is just boring.

These days I have a lot of work with my diplom-thesis. So there is no freetime until the end of May. But I’ll think about it and if I have a good idea I’ll participate.

@all: I’m absolutely pleased to see your results!

Sorry for my English…:o

btw: I plan to make a streetvid in June.

LOL! We can film on Saturday! you around? I’d be down for some trials. Louise has a spare…or you can muni-trials it. Chuck will be here too! and maybe john foss.


People still interested or shall I knock this one on the head? No worries if no one is, means I can remove it from my watched list :wink:

I’ll do it today! I’ll have to try it on my MUni since I don’t have a trials uni yet. So this is static up as high as you can jump. right?

I’m still interested…I’ve been so busy training for RTL that I’ve been too tired to do trials! I did just post my first ever movie. See the recent thread I started, or:

Well, i tried doing sif up 4 pallets on my 20" torker lx. HAHA! So incredibly unstable it’s crazy! I fiddled with psi and when I thought I had it just right, the tire folded. A little more air and it was like a brick. That skinny tire and rim sucks so bad.

I’ll wait 'till I get my new KH trials, coming sometime next week! Oh, and I decided to not use my MUni for this comp. Just to heavy with the LM rim and all that. Great for jumping/hopping down though, lol! This is one case where I do think a considerably lighter, smaller uni will help me do the highest possible jump sif or si.

i’m in! i’m almost 35 years old… right now im editing the thing, it’s nothing big, because of my family i don’t have much time…but you’ll see :roll_eyes:

Cool I look forward to it

here we go:

Turtle: “Greatest Daddy”

Hillarious!!! :smiley: :slight_smile: :smiley: Great ups too…I was giggling the whole way thru (babys make me giggle). Wow that made my day, cant wait to show it to my wife. :smiley:

Very nice video i loved it !!!

Brilliant! Great ups and a great idea.

Loved it.

Nice one, Turtle!

Great video!

It’s a good one to show people who don’t unicycle. They will enjoy it too.

Nice one!


Haha that was great! Very creative and entertaining! You have me beat on highjumps for sure, and you make it look so effortless. Well done!:slight_smile:

Just found this thread. Norry and Turtle, both of your videos are awesome! Each has a cool storytelling element that’s not present in a lot of the uni videos we see.

I can’t jump worth beans, but I’ll see about making a vid anyway just for fun.

Very good, Looks like you have a good bit of hieght left in you still, your hopping SIF but not using it to its full potential. Try and practice tucking by doing squats or something, you should be able add quite a bit to that already pretty high sidehop. good job.

I hope I’m that good when I hit 35! I guess I have 5 years to practice and get better :slight_smile:

Great vid!

"(Old) White guys can’t Jump! (At least not me lol!)

Well, you youngins in your 30’s still have some good spring left in your step…so I was tempted to just make a separate “over 50’s highjump challenge”. But I just said the heck with it, and tried doing some “up-jumps” today–I just can’t call 'em “high jumps” lol!–on my 24" MUni, and also my 36er.

Can’t wait to get my new KH trials so I can serioulsy start learning highjump technique! :D:):p:o

…jumping on the coker…great!

…yes i know, i should practicing the prehop and bring the muni more up to my a… but i’m more into muni right now…

I glad you didn’t make a separate thread Terry at least not in this context. This was never about who could jump the highest :slight_smile:

Loved the Coker ups by the way. Tried that on my 36er and failed miserably!