The KH prototype geared MUni. (from moab)

I have no idea, but…

It seems to be a completely new hub. Definatly not the standard Schlumph because the cranks are ISIS.

I can’t imagine doing those drops on a Schlumph hub. However, Kris does have incredible landing technique.

ISIS standard splines

so I take it it will need special cranks?


Isis is pretty standard, any Koxx cranks would work on it.

yes, but the great part is, is that it is a bicycle industry sandard, and has been for years

(this was a brilliant move, to switch to ISIS)

and these are 160mm!!

i’ll be replacing my muni with this thing, I tell you what!!

Does anyone know when this uni will be in the shops?

What’s the weight of the hub compared to other splined hubs?

Damn this is the stuff dreams are made of, a KH geared uni!! Hopefully it’s super reliable and not too heavy! It’d be so crazy going fast on a 19", I’d also love to see a KH22(g) street uni.

edit: good bit of solid riding from Kris in that clip, by the way.


It’s not the standard Schlumpf unicycle hub. The main difference is that this one is not a tapered hub, but is an ISIS splined one. KH is testing this new one out before it goes into production. He mentioned at the Saturday dinner that it’ll likely be available in July.

Another difference, which I think is significant, is that the hub has no arm that attaches to the frame. Instead the fixed point to the frame is within the bearing holders. This means that you can easily flip the hub around so that the shifting mechanism is going the other way. For MUni and trails, this is huge. When I try to hop up stairs on my Schlumpf, I accidentally hit the shift mechanism, which means a UPD is going to happen. This is because the foot I have forward when hopping is the foot that shifts up, and I’d rarely hop in geared mode. If I were to flip the hub around, I would never have anything close to where I would accidentaly hit the shift button while hopping.

Just sold a pair rode 3 times for $50 in 160.

ISIS means you can get 1000 cranks in 170 but only a few dozen in sizes below. But I’m assuming this will lead to unicycle companies making ISIS cranks and eventually getting bike companies to make them in shorter sizes. We’re one step closer to sharing cranks with bikes.

Oh, I guess the geared muni is cool.

I can’t afford one, don’t want one, and don’t need one. I do feel like I’m riding around on a model T though with a 2 STEEL (OMG) framed unicycles with only one gear apiece

This hub=2 KH/Onza hubs is my guess.

I want a price on one of these things. This could be my “now that I’ve worked all summer I’m going to spend all my money on one thing” gift to myself.

This is very exciting news to me, because I’ve been thinking that I need a coker for high speed stuff. This could be the start of a unicycling revolution!

Leave it to the KH team to keep the wicked-sick awesomeness happening. w00t!

I’d guess closer to 4 to 5 KH/Onza Hubs

For the people who asked about price, I think Kris said like $1600 at the dinner.

…Until you hit a bump at 20+ mph… :astonished:

I’ll stick with something at least a little bigger for going fast.

But this is the first I’ve heard of a geared KH with splined hub. What an idea! 1:1 for the technical sections and 1.5:1 for the cruising parts. And I guess a big fat “oops” for the technical parts you cruise up to without warning, but hey you can’t have everything and still be on a unicycle!

I’m bummed I didn’t get to try it out last weekend. Still wondering what will become of the 4" tire MUni George Barnes had at Moab last year. Not too desperate though, because a tire that size kind of takes all the challenge out of most terrain…

can anyone plz explain the differences plz to me in hubs?

yea he said it’ll be out July or August! I think i will save up and get teh hub when it comes out seperately…is it does come out seperately.

He said he took it off 6ft drops and it held up so…yea That thing was sweet, but i didn’t ride it, just looked at it.

Someone was there riding a prototype Surley Conundrum, with the 3.7" Endomorph tire (advertised as 4", but not really that wide). It’s safe to say, it didn’t take the challenge out of the terrain.

Ya, that was Joe from MN. It would work really well for sandy areas and/or snowy conditions. Otherwise in my opinion it was too heavy and bulky for the stuff at MOAB and I think he’s wishing he would have brought a regular Muni to ride instead…

yea it was huge! i rode it, and it was like pie to go through sand, but to heavy for anything else.