The KH prototype geared MUni. (from moab)

As far as I can tell, nobody’s posted about this. SO, this is the place for discussing what you think of a KH geared splined invincible MUni.

I, for one, rode it at moab, and it was really really slick. there was almost no lag in the shifting, and it felt really sturdy. I didn’t take it off any drops or anything, but Kris rode it the whole time, and he said he’d done some huge drops on it.

(if this is supposed to be under wraps or something, this should be deleted, I suppose. I don’t see why it would be though.)

Yeah that thing was sweet, and tough too, I saw Kris doing crazy trials stuff on it (in 24" mode of course)

it’s a little hard to get used to the coker mode though…I got trail rash on my elbow from it. :slight_smile:

Someone said he broke the shifter thing off so it was stuck in 24" mode, is that just a rumor or is it true? If I had an extra $1600 lying around I would buy one when they come out.

No, he just broke the button to shift it, so he had to get off and stick something in the hole to shift it with. I rode it in coker mode on sunday, so yeah it still worked.

Yeah, I meant the button. Did you ride it after the ride on sunday or before? We went alot father after you had to leave.

we rode it both days, once after Saturday’s ride and once on the trail on Sunday.

That would be amazing for street if he made a 19" splined geared uni. Crazy speed but same size.

I dunno about that really. I can see your point, but it’s more or less the same to ride asa coker when it’s in coker mode.

I’d be worried I’d break a $1600 uni…

Well if the idea is that its strong then I should hope it can take it, otherwise you might aswell ride a normal geared uni and not splined.

This is a way cool advance in technology. Kris had e-mailed me briefly about it awhile ago and I was skeptical while he was thinking it was going to fly. From what he told me earlier this performed beyond his expectations. It certainly performed beyond mine. I didn’t think it could be done this fast and wasn’t convinced that it could be done at all. Congratulations to Kris and to Florian for making this huge technological leap.

And I missed Moab because I had to “work.” And the “work” I’m doing is hurting my knees as much as the Moab ride would have. Very annoying, I would like to have seen this creature as well as the splendid assembly of superb humanity that makes up the collective of the Moab unicycle weekend.

For a look at the two speed prototype KH hub in action look here:

I talked to Kris a few minutes after I took this video. One of the shifting buttions was bent on the flight to SLC and when Kris tried to bend it back, it broke off. He had to use an Allen wrench to poke the shifting rod when shifting from 1:1 to 1:5 mode but besides that it worked fine.

The axle/crank interface is ISIS splines and the cranks are aluminum. As you can see from the video, it held up well.

Harper, you were sorely missed at Moab this year. The ratio of geezers to youngsters was loathsome at best. I represented the geezers while John Childs represented the Seattle Area Riders. Your name was mentioned several times in reference to geared hubs and I wore my “Harper Hottie” tee shirt to the dinner Saturday night. Spoiled a few appetites I must say. We did our best to represent both special interest groups but you could have made such an impact on both fronts had you only been there …


wow that looks effing sick, would be AMAZING on a 19"… think of how many stairs you could be able to clear :sunglasses:

That sounds awesome, I’ve wished there was a shiftable hub that could take abuse before.

The video doesn’t work, any other links or sources?

I dont have another source, but that hub looks like it can take ALOT of abuse…

Damn, I feel a Merry Christmas too ME coming down the line:D

Any idea what the weakest link is where all the impact forces go? I would guess the planet spindles and the holes that hold them in the planet cage. I never thought the axle itself to be too much of a problem and the gears that Florian makes are case hardened and much larger in diameter than their coresponding spindles. My guess is that he bushes the spindles with sintered bronze which might tend to get squished and out of round. Has Kris heard from Florian where he thinks problems might develop from impact?

I am very pleased to know that I am still spoiling appetites on a national scale at least. My name is often raised several times in reference to many distasteful topics. Sorry about the extra work you had to do representing the geezer contingency. I thought Rolf was over 50 but maybe he was busy “organizing” or something.

it would be cool if you coul if you could gear a 12inch to act like a coker

That looks so so cool, KH frame, Schlumpf hub. Finally a well designed frame available for the schlumpf hub.

I wish I’d never bought my standard schlumpf now, a months salary for 4 hours of unicycling and 3.5 months of not being able to ride it isn’t a good deal. By the time my schlumpf gets warrantied, I could have bought a KH.


A 24" unicycle like that would be the ultimate do-all machine…

Mmm… Coker on over to the muni trails and then shift it into 24" mode again.

The possibilities!

I guess I’m confused (not hard to do). Is this a new hub or a standard Schlumpf? Is this a special version of the Schlumpf hub? What’s “prototype” about it?